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In my role in heading up the BT Customer Relations Team, I often get asked what are
those five top questions or thought starters in regards to what do you need to focus
on for your financial future.
I guess for me, the way that I would answer that question is it's really important to
understand well, what does your financial future look like,
and from there you can work backwards. Goals are great for having a tangible outcome and
something to strive for, and I guess they're the foundation of any great financial future.
For many people they really underestimate just how much money they
in order to reach those financial goals. Retirement, for example. When you retire,
you need to know exactly how much you'll need to live,
and also manage and continue to live in that lifestyle that you're accustomed to.
And this is where sound financial planning can come into play as well.
For many people they get worried that they will be left in a state that they're
vulnerable financially, particularly if they're not thinking about things and haven't
got things in order like their insurance, their superannuation, or even a legal will.
In many cases comfort can be brought back to you, restored, in terms of talking to
a financial planner around things like your insurance so that you're
protecting yourself, your family, and your assets.
There are many things that you can do today, such as making sure your superannuation is
consolidated. Not having to pay unnecessary fees. Paying down bad debt
that isn't helping you grow your assets, and simply just putting money away into a
savings buffer to help you with your savings account.
These are small things, but things that will help you on your road to financial security.
For many people
planning out a path to your financial future can be really overwhelming.
And this is where specialist financial advice and information can come into play.
Not only to give you a sound financial plan, but also to give you that level of comfort.
Financial planners
do this in many ways. They can be a specialist, one off, knowledge or
advice on a series of questions, or it can be an overall plan, and this can be done
over the phone or it can be done in person.
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Financial Planning - 5 Tips for Securing your Investment Goals - BT Financial

1611 Folder Collection
Jeng-Lan Lee published on March 2, 2014
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