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Three hours?
When is this gonna start?
It's usually not like this.
We can watch this but you won't watch anime?
They're competing for some dude named Colton?
Colton? [Soulja Boy Voice]
Colton!? [Soulja Boy Voice]
What's her name?
I've told you that like 10 times.
I think Demi's my favorite.
She is...I mean no.
She's not my favorite, but she's up there.
What happened to the black girl?
What's the girl with the big nose?
Katie, but don't say that.
That's rude.
Her nose is big.
You can't say that.
Demi's mom is in prison.
And she's awesome.
...which one?
That's the black girl?
Her name's Katie?
And she's black?
This dude played in the NFL?
What was he a kicker?
What is he a longsnapper?
I could see why he got cut.
Crying too much.
You can't cry every day.
You think he's cute?
Have they not heard of Bumble or Tinder?
We got some drama between the old and the young girls.
I saw you on Coffee Meets Bagels.
[Angela laughing]
I saw your profile on Coffee Meets Bagels.
Would you be ok if I went on The Bachelor?
No! For the likes.
Just for like...the followers.
Hannah B's one-on-one has got to be the most awkward
date I've seen on The Bachelor
She makes a toast and all she can think of is "Roll Tide"
It's her birthday.
And she still got a rose!
If I danced like Colton would you still be with me?
Why do they keep showing him in the shower?
How many times are they gonna talk about his virginity this episode?
He was on The Bachelorette?
That's how it works.
You lose The Bachelorette, you're The Bachelor.
So I gotta go on The Bachelorette before I can become The Bachelor?
That's too much work.
I'm not trying to do all that.
I'm just trying to date multiple women at the same time.
Heather's never kissed anyone?
I would just respect him more
if he didn't keep changing the reasoning behind his virginity.
Ohh, they cast two pageant girls.
This girl really faked an Australian accent?
Is she really wearing a sloth outfit?
Would you do that for me?
Wow, you took a long time.
Have they ever chosen a black girl?
Nicole and Onyeka are literally arguing about nothing.
Did they really just end the episode with no rose ceremony?
Why did we watch this?
I ask myself that every week.
Cassie's my favorite.
I don't want her to win though
cause I want her to be on The Bachelorette.
She deserves better than Colton.
He's weird.
We can agree on that.
Would you go on this?
To travel, yeah.
So you can go on it, but I can't go on it.
They got a boxing fight. This is what I signed up for.
Demi can not fight.
Oh, is this legal?
Who is Kirpa?
The first time we see her she has a bandaid on her chin.
If you wanted me to date one of these girls,
who would you set me up with?
Why do you watch this?
There are two types of people.
One: who take it seriously Two: who watch it for entertainment
And which one are you?
Ok, I'm three: being held against my will.
Ohh, Hannah G with the spitting.
She can rap!
That was pretty good.
How many times are they gonna talk about his virginity this episode?
What is this called?
Fantasy Suites.
What does that mean?
Fantasy Suites.
Ok, you just repeated what you just said.
Cassie's done.
Her dad didn't give the blessing.
What father gives his blessing to marry afterjust meeting this dude.
His name is Colton.
Every time you open up to Colton, you get a rose.
This is not sticking to the Bachelor formula.
If they can just walk right over to his room
why doesn't everyone do that?
Demi is so smart.
Finally, he's jumping the fence.
I thought they weren't gonna show it.
I was gonna be super mad.
Bachelor history.
You wanna go do that?
You wanna go get leeches?
It's not real!
Who gets married.
What is it, three weeks?
Angela: Ten weeks.
Ten...is that supposed to be better?
Are Colton and Cassie just gonna make out on all their dates?
So if I propose to you in 10 weeks what are you saying?
I'm pulling a Cassie.
I have no idea what that means.
Cassie ruined it.
She was my favorite and she ruined it.
She ruined the whole season.
Why do I have to watch this with you?
Because you love me.
I am dying!
She played me and she played him.
How did she ruin it though?
She left!
There's a two part season finale!
[melancholy violin music]
I hope I put her on my fantasy league.
They have fantasy league?
Yeah, my lineup is lit.
You get money?
You get to go to the finale.
[phone thuds]
I'm a grown man.
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Boyfriends During the Bachelor

4 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 25, 2020
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