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Kingfishers spend all of their time next to water
and small pond is a perfect place to find them
Charlie has been filming kingfishers on this river since he was a boy
and he has become a world's expert on them
This late winter - early spring period is, I guess my favourite time of the year
to be filming kingfishers, and they are just gonna get, super active
their courtship is gonna start up, they are gonna dig a nest
and they are gonna mate and they have got their whole
seasons to you know, just get busy, and its just great for filming
this pair of bird is new to the river
the female is easy to spot because she has a red lower beak
the young male on the left is trying to court the older female
but she isn't taking him seriously at all
they are at a stage now where he should be feeding her
as a sort of gesture of his love
the female needs to know that the male is upto the task
and a good fisherman, he tries to prove he is
by presenting her with a top quality fish
the moment she accepts the fish from the male is the moment she accepts him as a mate
and partner for the season
but for the moment, she isn't convinced
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Birds flirting

2558 Folder Collection
Why Why published on March 27, 2013
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