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Every Tuesday and Saturday, there is a night market in Tienwei.
It is held in the big parking lot near Yuxing Park..
It is a very popular event and there is always a big crowd.
Many families go to the night market for an evening out.
They can have fun shopping, playing games or just looking around.
Students love to go to the night market and hang out with their friends.
They can have lots of fun checking out all the stalls or just goofing around.
Of course, everyone likes to go to the night market for the food.
There are so many things to try.
Many vendors make and sell all kinds of different foods.
The Saturday night market is very busy.
This is because many tourists come to Tienwei on the weekend.
They come to rides bikes and check out all the amazing flowers.
Then in the evening they head to the night market to have some fun.
You should come to Tienwei and check out the night market, too.
You won?t be disappointed.
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The Introduction of Tienwei Nightmarket

5054 Folder Collection
阿多賓 published on February 25, 2014
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