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  • he has.

  • So I wasn't planning on making a video today, but I just came back from shopping.

  • Don't deal with my friend.

  • And I bought a couple things and I just realized that they have, like, retarded English on them.

  • So I wanted to show you guys.

  • So first of all is his pair of eyelashes, normal curly eyelashes.

  • And I just noticed the style is handsome, handsome.

  • We don't use the word handsome to describe girlie things or anything to do with girls.

  • Handsome means like men leave or like a good looking man.

  • I looked it up in my jockeys English dictionary and they had it translated as, like, sushi or beautiful.

  • So I've noticed that lots of people say, like, handsome describing girls and women here.

  • But we don't do that in English, just so you know, everyone's even better.

  • You got a case for my three D s Leymah clarity case for 30 s?

  • No, All they've done is translated damage, which means sparkly.

  • Look straight into English and then replace it with an L cause they think when they smelled things with our But it should actually be Ln English.

  • But when you translate dumb it into English.

  • It makes lame, which is a completely different word.

  • Meaning shitty or no good.

  • So I got myself a shitty case for my d s.

  • Awesome.

  • Yeah, that's it.

  • That's all I want to show you guys, okay?

he has.

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【英語】日本の英語最高↑↑ Japanese English is awesome XD

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/03/24
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