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Hey, guys, Thanks for watching and commenting on bright side videos today.
I'd like to read the funniest, smartest and sweetest of your comments, and I'll have a few of my own comments that I can't stop myself from making so away we go.
Yep, it's amazing what you'll learn about toilets.
Oh yeah, remember to put the seat down, Alex Garcia says, because it's been weird of its shape, like May.
Hey, Alex, I think I'll leave that where it belongs in my imagination, Mark Fabbro says, Because I'm in love with the shape of you.
L o l Hey, Ed Sheeran's here.
Alright, Why ships are read below the water line.
Ghost of gamer says so fish can see the red signal like one fish.
Two fish red fish, blue fish.
Mike Stark rights.
Bright side.
So when's the last time you looked at a ship?
May Oh, I live on the coast.
Bright side.
Not in a while, huh?
Me are Now.
What if you run for 24 hours without stopping?
Well, anything says you'll have to run one more day to return home.
Uh, kind of like Forrest Gump.
Kit Sana, Kat Sana says when I run like, two minutes.
I am like the boy was in 20 hours and she's laughing.
Well, we might want to get some or exercise why planes can't fly over Messi's house because it's messy.
No, Subbu John says, probably because the pilot is so amazed when Messi is just playing around with a ball in his garden.
He lose control of the plane and make it crash, Arjun says, because that's where he takes his penalty practice.
Planes are too worried in my head.
Um, there's an idea for a video.
What to do when you see a soccer ball at 30,000 feet.
Secrets of the Statue of Liberty Most Americans don't know.
Just a Dio says the Statue of Liberty was the biggest unboxing ever.
Yeah, sort of like I care, you know, some assembly required.
What if everyone on Earth sneezed at the same time?
Blackout studio says.
What if we all sneezed at the same time?
Me, Then all the dads would break the sound barrier room, King Thor says.
Everyone sneezes.
I see.
This is an absolute win.
I don't think we calculated how much snot they would generate from the coldest to the maximum possible temperature on Earth, Ryan Dempsey says.
Never trust.
And Adam, they make up everything.
Ah, Alfa incarnate says me how lower hiding the temperature could be.
Right side.
Don't worry, I'll help you.
Hey, temperature is just a matter of degree.
Asians always wear masks, S m A says.
And there is may wearing it.
So my mom won't recognize me when she sees me outside.
Ram Kumar says victim.
I was robbed by a man.
Any identification victim?
It was wearing a mask.
Does anyone own the moon?
Bright size videos are literally my 3 a.m. thoughts, eh?
Thanks, man, but get some sleep.
Mark Duggan says, Pointless having a party on the moon.
There's no atmosphere.
Oh, Mark.
Gee, I wish I'd thought of that one myself.
Why smartphones overheat and how to stop it.
Square says Phone heats up me Hurry.
Where's the bacon?
Time to bake with my new stove.
That would be one high phone, Nana Kumar says.
When my phone heats up, I use it toe iron.
My shirt.
Well, that's one way to look at it, I guess.
Keeps the creases away Why trains are so expensive.
Sometimes more than flights kill rights.
Bright side.
Why trains are so expensive may, because they charge high price.
Very logical.
I kill why cruise ships are white.
A robe.
Indo says they can be easily seen at night, and icebergs will think it's another one of them and will not get in its way.
Sick animation says, speaking of White.
For some reasons, I always spill food on my shirt when it's white.
Yeah, that's an idea for a video.
Why does White attract spills?
How to survive a day without money?
Omega, Dennis says.
How to survive a day without money.
Sleep works really well, I guess until you wake up Albino from Utah says Re title the video.
It should be what to do when you're a college student.
Yeah, sleep and money both in short supply and snap, Moto says.
Very informative.
Now I'm ready to survive without money.
Well, gee, glad we could help zero, Jackson says.
Ironically, my card kept declining at the store minutes before this video was posted.
No, we had nothing to do with that.
Would you survive if you fell into a volcano?
Chris says.
Then you'd really be on the bright side.
Well, you sure feel the burn.
Big fish says What if you fell into a volcano?
Ah, buddy, you are toast.
And you'd be in a jam, too.
Hey, how about strawberry?
Aliens may have visited Earth, but we haven't noticed.
So Mick says Point, if aliens are watching this bright side video and having a gala weekend show less fire, Buddy says Bright Side makes video that aliens air riel on YouTube.
Aliens make video that humans air riel on alien tube.
Well, we have subscribers everywhere.
Wire airplanes of noisy inside, Tasha says.
Thanks for letting me know that a plane isn't so scary.
We said, Tasha, do you like flying?
Tasha says at bright side.
Hey, Tasha.
Glad we could help the sword Poke Master says.
My palms are sweaty and my heart races because I'm excited.
I love flying on planes.
Who, Caitlin says this video is super helpful for nervous fliers like May I always over analyze every sound.
It's nice to know they're just normal.
That a girl 15 tips to protect your car from summer heat, Vivica writes.
How will worry for fuel after buying Bentley can grow up right side.
Well, I think you got us there.
It's a nice picture, though.
Old time angler.
I don't know anyone who drives a Bentley.
And besides, if you could afford to drive a Bentley, why worry about running the E?
Old Sayd says.
You want me to put an empty coffee cup in dryer sheets inside my $200,000 Bentley?
Well, yeah.
Hey, can I borrow yours?
Car guide burns a lot of gas at low speed.
If I own a Bentley, I decided not to care about the gas economy.
Yeah, we get it.
You caught us on that one.
We'll try to do better, say sometimes you write and tell us we're doing a good job, stranger.
My day gets ruined.
If I don't listen to this man's voice every morning, I appreciate that my day gets ruined.
If I don't have a voice two minutes into this video and I'm already rooting for the whale, well, all's well that ends well.
Sorry about that, Mom.
Davis says, Wow, I love survival stories like this.
This should be a movie.
Well, there's talk about sticking me on a desert island.
T O writes Bright side always makes my day.
Hey, how about bright Side?
Always makes my bed, Maria says.
I always imagine a blond hair guy behind the bright side voice a Moria.
You nailed it.
Her redness is thanks for telling.
It's my favorite channel on YouTube.
Well, on behalf of the entire bright side team.
Thank you, Kelly, Love says.
I learned something new today.
Bright side.
So glad we could add something to your day.
Oh says thank you for your amazing videos.
I know it takes so much research and time to produce these interesting educational videos.
Thank you.
The commentary is awesome as well.
I Shaft says, Cool, thanks.
Bright side, You're the best, and this guy says, I entertain myself by opening bright side.
Well, we appreciate that.
And thanks for letting us be a part of your day.
Healthy living with Chris called says Fantastic.
Great info.
I fly alight so it's cool to know why things happen on a plane.
Bright side.
And there's this.
You deserve it.
You've been teaching me for over a year.
I hope you get 40 million subsumed and rise says I'm a big fan of you.
You make efforts for your video.
I wish your channel grew up to 50 million subscribers.
Hey, Raj, we're working on it.
Hey, thanks for all of your comments.
We love to hear from you.
And remember, all we stay on the bright side of life.
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I Gathered Funny and Adorable Bright Side Comments, Find Yours

2 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 23, 2020
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