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In this clip what we're going to show you is the kick serve or the top spin serve and
how to use this effectively to be more consistent. Also, to use it sometimes for a first serve.
It's just that spin serve that gives you more margin of error. Also, makes the ball jump
up high to your opponent. A lot of times the back end side, your real effective serve.
This is Gustavo Sanchez right here. He has a really huge second serve. He's not warmed
up yet. He's going to show you the basics, the idea of it. What we're going to do is
we're going to show you how he's contacting the ball. Along the lines with the slice,
how we went to the edge to the edge of the racket of the ball. You're going to do the
same thing, but you're going to come up this way. Basically going from 6 to 12. Brush up
and still throwing your racket out. Throw your racket up to the ball. Very important,
again. Going to the edge. He's going to show you kind of in half motion of how you would
even approach this. Gustavo is going to hit a couple of serves here. See how he's going
up on the ball. He's brushing up. He still pronates a little bit or turns the racket
in. Also look and see where he's finishing. The racket is coming around to the side and
he's throwing his racket in this direction. Almost like he's throwing it to the side of
the court. That's the idea on this kick serve. We slice serve we went around this way. The
kick serve you have to get it over your head a little more and go up. Will you hit a slice
and then a kick serve. Gustavo is going to show you a slice. See where the toss is. The
toss is a little more out to the right. Now he's going to show you the kick serve. Notice
where the kick serve toss is. Very important to be able to locate that toss and that direction
for your kick serve.
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Tennis Serve & Return Tips : Tennis Kick Serve

4531 Folder Collection
Zenn published on March 27, 2013
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