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  • Theo Summer, I took part in a 10 day walking meditation retreat in the south of France.

  • For 10 days, we walked in nature in silence, using the sun as the only source of light and rivers and legs.

  • A showers.

  • One afternoon, as I walked into the woods to answer Nature's call, I found myself walking over very fresh land that clearly was not stepped over by a human for a very long time.

  • Doing so, a thought crossed my mind.

  • Do I have a right to be here and walk over this untouched land full of living organisms?

  • And then another saw?

  • What if I was a cow, then my walking here would be accepted by me as completely natural.

  • Can I walk in a field just like a cow, which I automatically consider being part of nature?

  • What would it mean to dwell on Earth in that way?

  • What would it mean to design from this mindset?

  • These types of questions have been guiding me through my work and through an exploration towards sustainability design that comes from a deep sense of participation.

  • My explorations led me to the bridge methodology, a sustainable design methodology which I developed.

  • Inspired from indigenous knowledge and indigenous living patterns, it is comprised of five design strategies offering a holistic yet applicable view to sustainability design.

  • It features strategies such as dance to the chief, create mediators and discover abundance.

  • Working with these strategies has proved to be a rich platform for developing new possibilities for design to support sustainability.

  • Some very brief examples when Delight is a collection off self sufficient outdoor lights operated by wind energy.

  • It is created from a repetitive module integrating wind collection and an led light source into one element.

  • Wendy Light dances with the wind, illustrating a sustainability design vision in which products become a direct link between natural resource is and everyday human needs.

  • Water fel is a private upper well, enabling the home user to collect do and rainwater for everyday needs.

  • Waterfall is a multi season water collector as well as a shading element.

  • It illustrates a lifestyle in which products become nourishing interfaces, enabling everyone of us tohave harvest accessible natural abundance.

  • Slow water is a platform for collecting and reusing water at home.

  • It can be very easily integrated in the home environment and in every existing bathroom, so water touches the potential of design to become a mediating platform, enabling every one of us to adopt much more sustainable life habits.

  • Addressing design from a deep sense of participation can become a neck, citing journey towards a fresh and nourishing interaction between men, object and environment.

  • It can support us on in making that giant leap to society that is nourished by the nectar of the world while turning it into sweet honey.

  • Thank you.

  • IBM is underwritten the filming of the Ted Fellows talks.

  • Each fellow talks for four minutes about the work that they do or an idea we're spreading.

  • And because of IBM, they now have the opportunity to be considered for ted dot com.

  • IBM is all of our innovation, not just the innovation we do within the company, but the innovation way work with other people and organizations to do.

  • Ted fellows really encourages that encourages people to take their ideas matching, executing it on.

  • That's a great marriage to be able to drive the next wave of change on advancement.

  • Ted Global.

  • We have a demonstration called Edison of the Smart on intelligent generation of Energy Future of how energy would be produced and consumed by sources such as conventional power generation plants, solar energy, renewable sources of energy, wind, Andi, consumers of any sort of electric cars sold in the key problems that affect society to require a different way of thinking and a different way of coming up with solutions.

  • IBM is initiative around.

  • Smarter Planet is looking at the biggest problems we have water, infrastructure, medicine, et cetera on terror has provided a venue to get all the thinkers of the world together and work with IBM.

Theo Summer, I took part in a 10 day walking meditation retreat in the south of France.

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