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  • the Ted Fellows Program, 470 of the world's boldest and most inventive scientists, artists conservations Think is you get what I'm saying to celebrate our 10th year here.

  • 10 of their amazing ideas.

  • An ecological park every year.

  • Bangkok floods When urban landscape architect coach Acorn Vodacom designed a park for the city center, she created this lash oasis at an angle so that it collects and cleans the falling rain At capacity.

  • Centenary Park stores nearly a 1,000,000 gallons of water underwater DRONES Theo Open R O v, co founded by maker and inventor David Lang captures and broadcasts footed 200 meters under the sea, connecting a community of citizen ocean explorers and sharing data about marine life may be searching for some treasure.

  • Hey, power of photography artist LaToya Ruby Frazier takes intimate photographs of places like a hometown.

  • BRADDOCK, Pennsylvania For working class, black people are pushed out of their homes by gentrification and new development shining light on the legacy of racism in the United States.


  • Normally, E.

  • Coli makes us think of food poisoning, but synthetic biologist tell Dina it's the DEA inside probiotic E.

  • Coli, taking advantage of natural quorum sensing to detect and even kill cancer cells.

  • Fold scope My new percussion.

  • His team invented this paper microscope.

  • Yes, paper.

  • It requires no electricity and magnifies up to 2000 times just like a real microscope, except that the full scope cost less than a dollar to make whale poop.

  • It stimulates the growth of fighter plankton.

  • The building block of marine food Marine biologist Asher Davis studies how northern Indian Ocean blue whales spread fire, diversity and how they poop spreads life fortunes galaxy This rare celestial bodies, some 350 million light years away, has a double ringed elliptical shape, challenging our theories about how Galaxies form.

  • Interval, it's called led a one trouble 0714 But its nickname comes from Turkish astrophysicist.

  • 14.

  • Moot Loop Cocktail Wildlife Conservation Welcome to the Okavango Delta in Botswana, Africa's largest remaining wetland, where rhino lion let the wild dog Chita and the largest remaining population of elephants on the planet call this pristine wilderness.

  • Home conservation biologist Steve Boys navigates with the Y a River Bushman to explore and protect the delta from the rising threat of development.

  • Satellite archeology.

  • This is Rome's Lost Empire, which was partially discovered by real life Indiana Jones Sarah Parker.

  • She analyzes high resolution satellite imagery to search for ancient sites and protect them from looting.

  • Syria's techniques have helped locate 17 potential permits and more than 3100 possible settlements.

  • Could he do that?

  • Quantum physics Shaheen egos has spent her life exploring the strange quantum world of atoms and photons.

  • Let's see if we can understand quantum entanglement in a few seconds.

  • Okay, great, because show, Heaney says.

  • If you're confused, then you get it.

  • I mean, I get it.

  • And that's 10 he has to the next 10 to the power of 10.

  • Happy birthday, Ted fellows.

the Ted Fellows Program, 470 of the world's boldest and most inventive scientists, artists conservations Think is you get what I'm saying to celebrate our 10th year here.

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10 Years of TED Fellows. 10 Years of Amazing Ideas.

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