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  • the ideal sharing ideas is explain it a very popular common thing.

  • At least where I come from.

  • Here it is, is a strange cocktail.

  • We don't have oil.

  • Like the other Arab countries, all we have are the people, and our only asset are the ideas.

  • We have most of agent countries, like a career they don't use to have his kind of chances to speaking on stage like Ted.

  • The great thing about the telex platform is it.

  • It's like a beacon of hope, so that other people in the communicant see Wow, there are some really incredible things that I can take part of help change where we live way We're talking about how it might be possible to bring that Ted experience to campus and see if we can do an independent organized event.

  • The mission of Ted X is to spread great ideas across the globe and tap into local voices within local communities and give them a platform.

  • That X is a way for people in their own local community to give directly into the attack experience pointing a telex events, and not only about introducing a whole new ideas, which was introduced from ted dot com.

  • But I think it's really all about community Texas, the ability for you and your community to tap into some local thinkers and voices and have a real dialogue about how to make a difference in the world the world of development.

  • What's happening?

  • One of the latest findings is often not shared with the very people for whom we really want development work.

  • Once we decided we're gonna do our FedEx, then we thought about who are these different speakers?

  • So one was person would come and talk about micro finance.

  • Another person we find we'll talk about technology and phenomenon of mobile phones.

  • We found an artist from Kibera with stuff he finds in around Kibera.

  • He creates art.

  • We actually took the statics difference.

  • London or Nairobi.

  • We use this as a platform to share ideas across communities.

  • I think is the basic nature.

  • If you come across something good in your private life, just Oh God, I wish my friends see it.

  • I wish my parents were there.

  • I wish my brother was here.

  • This is just something basic, I think, for an idea to spread, there needs to be a personal connection Yeah, stories.

  • I think it's stories is such a powerful tour because story chances people how they think.

  • I think it's a part of the secret off Ted.

  • The personal touch its story The next Amazonia.

  • We had his girl.

  • She was a researcher.

  • A dam is, um and she was washing clothes.

  • And then a crocodile emerged from the river and took her and took her leg, and we asked her to go there.

  • He was a talk about her experience, and at the end of the talk, she said, You don't have to be afraid.

  • Off storm, you have to learn how to days in the rain.

  • When we did go to the break, there was this huge tropical storm coming in and people were dancing on the floor.

  • It was in the ugliest part of the recession.

  • The people I work with our CEO of small and medium sized businesses, and they were suffering.

  • I thought, That's what I'm gonna do.

  • I'm gonna have a Ted X that reconnect these CEOs with the passion that help them start their business.

  • The willingness to sing keys, how I got here.

  • This is something that I will share with you.

  • You take it and see what you can do with it.

  • They really take action.

  • They have energy to change something.

  • Presenting these ideas to people is really bringing up change in people's minds in the country as well.

  • It's not top down, but it's grassroots.

  • So what we've done in 2010 was to look for four ideas worth doing, to see how we could get those ideas further.

  • They're working on those ideas for the whole year, and at that example in 2011 we're going to present what happened in the last year.

  • They all know that they can change the world.

  • Not only do they want to, but they just know that they can.

  • They have this unwavering confidence in the fact that what they're doing is special and is contributing something to the world into their communities.

the ideal sharing ideas is explain it a very popular common thing.

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