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I was born in a middle class family off deli on 20 January 2003.
My mother told me that the day I was born all the people in that hospital surrounded me to look at a girl born without her problems.
Oh, no, honey.
Sad Is that up?
Need I be doing a sugar baby?
Yeah, Yeah.
I gotta get up near future.
UPN apparent spur.
But Boardman got a J G.
But they didn't know Kim a few Jamaica Gandhi or actually can Mahiga wrongdoing.
So just a bit of getting that body.
We morning sickness.
Many parents May Jah Hamad at The Hague local school memory admission Corral My dad I had left at school for a reason.
The reason waas I used to write Big Mato.
Are you pumped up totally legit about it.
Do so clinical Gardenia.
The junior class Miss Classmates stay only be made in a call.
Cuddy will only be made it a person like Mickey.
Cautious cutting.
But their parents didn't like that.
Both the school principal keep as gay.
Ah, literally fight already the other year.
Turkey school, My party don't come up neighbor to agree on a pranking this keycard and Hamad Abitibi is Keep that up.
There's a technical question, Scott.
Much evil school torn up around magilla mediaeval tier of the repairs.
Nick do Okay, you meet a girl here, you have your own.
But Johnny Media Calgary Okay, a miracle here.
Her great do some sell a boat there on It's not bad being different.
It's sort of doing a makai side a little better.
Our boy Big, juicy Jason in Yuba.
Hardcore different qualities data cobe, same Niota.
So maybe parents normally new school Who national Kia.
And they came to know about the majority school limit Admission a majority charitable.
Trust me well there I also found difficulty to get associated with the other Children's.
You could do a man, Mom.
The hard physical problem with Theodosakis have Internet interact Car naming Come on, baby, we But do you beat a man about the blood started ghost money?
Oh, mate, It asked the board that she does them Duma first class.
Maybe the minute it does to participate together off Gordon's group.
India's got talent Season 1 may participate.
Gotta the Home Army performance it just a shake.
A composer?
What did they get on it again?
Magilla Yeah, it will be better Dance naked.
Just Aurora.
Another Royal Anto Select Big Ukiah.
But what about Anita?
Made me Shorty take even with the emotional.
Okay, so how much you miss?
Any financed?
Upping our home our last day Paper Hopper Irishman crimes were also there.
Does it sub Lobo Take it.
Khanabad Makana Bellanca Static Photo J the Medina It makes sided Gildon Irishman Khurana Shoki hosting Wesselman can't O'Ryan so visit more Jenny.
But I don't give a few German jacket.
Never The superstar been Jenga when I wasn't extended.
I have received National Award from the honorable President off India in exceptional achievements in the field.
Off art I was feeling like I'm on the top off the air.
But my principal none said But you be sure what my life Everybody Rajeev Khanna up Nakahara Chief Medical as a big inning Dicko as Andy.
So Joe Kingman, a beer chief Kia of Muddy Arggh!
But are you going, man?
So, Gemma Class, maybe many national i d challenge for uber disabilities 2016 Cruciate.
Emma, participate here.
They're out of fire.
Evans, I got four gold medals under Oska.
Second Uncle Hama, China.
Gianna Tough for Global I t.
Challenge with You for you for disabilities but Hopper, Miss Super Challenge Award He said Pappas I are one gold medal in group activity.
A majority school is still eight.
Let's keep that much in nine classically new school tojoin conetta.
So maybe principal Mami Mira Admission Asadi Every public school maker I am but huh?
90 but pinky board exams came the sub d says Nika Beata you need describe to Miss Crab Gizzard Prodi G require time Met Tamara paper to jagga many moms ago.
Mom, many starting C Could Kandahar come quick.
Carnesi crime would describe his Rodney Brady or Abdic.
Mama Baha the Tear marks Corcoran Oh, man.
A CBS aboard my 85% school here.
You let that guy be disabled happening?
Bodies in an iota up name mind So what?
They're a good up up.
Remind me, but the target o'clock Vicky, comes after you hold any?
It was such map sick of in yoga our good happy Certainly do D'You Caribbean a massage any longer.
Abou come Gabi.
Jordin is a thing.
Actually her Come possible.
Who's up there?
Our corporate disabled Liotta sub differently Able, able owed them.
Heartsick Uncle Percy, Come courting my purse.
A Casar com concept.
UMA Painting Party.
Computer operator to you.
Makeup Because a thing.
Armed dia making because of a deal.
Okay, Hope a name, but it's up differently.
Abled them.
I would be impossible.
Liotta and the word impossible itself says that I am possible.
Hardly seekers up now.
There are maybe, except night came a few German IRS office urban are abomination.
Go up the best service provide girl.
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From Impossible To I’m Possible | Nishtha Jain | TEDxAhlconIntlSchool

5 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 20, 2020
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