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India brings a lot of optimism and possibilities for the rest of the world.
We're a community off thinkers, enablers and doers, and we're looking at impacting our community one idea at a time.
That's why I think the anchor program is really important for India.
I want to give back something to a country that is so close to my heart.
Being part of Ted X means that you have the opportunity to bring together ideas and people in your own community and create the magic that happens when those two collide and the prosthetics accents that bridge between people who have these ideas on the community that needs these solutions.
Right now, the partnership with Infosys makes sense because we share values.
The idea was a scented onto human solutions.
I think that's so relevant and in sync with what we do.
At FedEx, headaches and emphasis both believe in ideas, innovation, human potential and, frankly, optimism.
Infosys is one of the first few to go out of the country to the world.
It drove in there to the world.
It's about ideas worth spreading.
It's about innovation.
Technology are you.
Name it.
We are at a momentous time where we want to fix things.
You are a finger.
You wanna play one experiment, anything destroyed, that sort of safety net off fun and optimism to say, Okay, let's do this.
Let's fix it helps asked the organizer's to be more creative, be more curious and more engaged in our communities.
We have the opportunity to dream big.
The community that we work within India is at the fringes of society, some of my speakers working these areas exclusively.
If their ideas were to be taken to action, the amount of impact we can have absolutely astounding.
This allows tragically lost, not just from this one day thing that happens.
Their toe in everyday phenomenon shows hope, and more importantly, I think it calls people for action.
Listening to a Ted talk can be so inspiring because that changes the way things are seen.
There's an opportunity to pass on the excitement that I feel when I hear new ideas get inspired.
It's like a springboard of ideas.
It just grows exponentially.
It's like a wind fire.
The journey is not yet done or complete until it actually touches the lives of people.
It's important to dream and it's important to have hope, optimism and possibilities.
Nothing's impossible.
Ideas need to be supported.
Ideas need to be taken forward for them to actually impact people's life.
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TEDx Anchor Program in India, Presented by Infosys Intro Video

6 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 20, 2020
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