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  • Excuse me, ah, hello.

  • Hi!

  • My name is Molly. What's your name?

  • I'm Peter. My friends call me Pete.

  • My friends call me, Molly.

  • Hi Pete, it's nice to meet you!

  • It's nice to meet you, too.

  • Are you a student here?

  • Yes, I am.

  • My class is at 9 o'clock with Miss Taylor.

  • Miss Taylor? She's my teacher. You're in my class.

  • Great!!!

  • Where is our class?

  • It's over there.

  • Hi, I'm Peter. Peter Chrome. I'm in your class.

  • Hi, Peter. Nice to meet you.

  • Hello, what's your name?

  • I'm Molly. I'm in your class, too.

  • Hello, Holly.

  • Uhhhh, Is that, H-O-L-L-Y?

  • No, It's Molly. M-O-L-L-Y.

  • M-O-L-L-Y

  • What's your last name, Molly?

  • Lin. L-I-N.

  • Peter Chrome and Molly Lin.

  • Wait. Excuse me.

  • Are you Miss Taylor?

  • Oh, no, I'm not. I'm Mrs. Smith.

  • Miss Taylor is in room 203. Over there.

  • Oh, Thanks.

  • Have a good day!

  • -Good bye. -Bye!

  • Hello, Miss Taylor?

  • Yes.

  • I'm Molly Lin.

  • Hi, Molly, nice to meet you!

  • Here you are. Welcome Molly.

  • Thank you.

  • Hi, I'm Peter. Peter Chrome.

  • Chrome... Here you are. Welcome Peter.

  • Ok. Let's begin class.

Excuse me, ah, hello.

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