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  • Atreus: Look. Another spirit.

  • Kratos: Don't talk to it, boy.

  • Atreus: Hi. You're dead, right?

  • Spirit: Yes, brutally murdered by my own shipmates shortly after leaving port, I'm afraid.

  • Atreus: That's awful. Why?

  • Kratos: Boy!

  • Spirit: No, no, don't worry. Well, I had certain habits that they didn't agree with, I'm afraid.

  • Atreus: Oh.

  • Well, what's your unfinished business?

  • Maybe we can help.

  • Spirit: Well, you already have.

  • In a way, I just longed to see a young boy again, ideally without-

  • Kratos: Move on! Now!

  • Spirit: Absolutely.

  • Atreus: Why didn't you let him finish, father, he seemed friendly enough.

  • Kratos: Boy, although we usually see them as ogres, draugrs, or even gods,

  • (suspensefully) people can be monsters too.

  • Do you understand?

  • Atreus: (frightened) Oh gods, he was.

  • Y-you don't think he'll still go to Valhalla, do you?

  • Kratos: No.

  • Mattugr Helson: So, what you're saying is you're not a pedophile...

  • and were actually trying to help those men.

  • Spirit: Yes, exactly that!

  • Mattugr Helson: Hmmmmm...

  • Spirit: Mmm-hmm!

  • Mattugr Helson: Hmmmmm...

  • Spirit: Hmm!

  • Mattugr Helson: Hmmmmm...

  • Spirit: (sexually) Mmmmm...

  • (gasp)

  • Captions by DougyFresh03

  • Mattugr Helson: Hmmmmm...

Atreus: Look. Another spirit.

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    crime posted on 2020/03/17
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