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  • I believe people volunteer because ,first of all, they want to give back to their community.

  • The type of support that I've seen in these volunteers is incredible.

  • The range is everything from just pitching in to transport materials or even food from point A to point B

  • and to the other side of the spectrum which is putting on gloves and masks grabbing

  • shovels and pumping out cellars and throwing the mud out of people’s houses, just helping your next door neighbor.

  • I volunteer for all my friends and family in Schoharie County and

  • my home residence.I volunteer because I was born and raised here my childhood friends and

  • family live here and my in-laws lost their farm here.I volunteered to help the community

  • and it makes me feel like I’m doing good for everyone.I volunteer because this is my

  • hometown these are my friends, my family people I work with people Iove and it’s an

  • act of kindness.I love to volunteer for my community because I love my community and the

  • people in it.I donated to the Schoharie flood victims my play-doo and all my race tracks and

  • toys that I had and I don’t use anymore and I donated all my clothes that are too small.

  • I volunteer because itone way I can look after folks in the community who are less fortunate

  • than myself. I get to go home tonight and sleep in my own bed and these folks have to

  • take care of this for the rest of their lives. Hi my name is Winter, I’m a Alisa, I’m Ileana,

  • I’m Maddy, I’m Megan and I’m Jamie and we volunteered because this is just our community

  • everyone is family and we all grew up here and so this is what we have to do, it’s just

  • we love everyone here and we have to rebuild I guess and clean up.I believe the communities

  • gratitude its heartfelt, uhm... it is beyond question as far out going to all these

  • volunteers there’s not even words to express how much we appreciate as a community all this

  • volunteers all these volunteers that are coming and helping us out in our time of

  • need and I hope in the future I know we are going to need volunteers for the

  • next four to eight weeks.

I believe people volunteer because ,first of all, they want to give back to their community.

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Why do people volunteer?

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