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  • Welcome back to swap box.

  • Let's bring you up to speed On the growing Corona virus outbreak here in the United States, Senate has approved that more than $8 billion emergency package the bill now heads the president.

  • Trump president is expected to sign it.

  • Facebook and Google are asking their employees in the San Francisco area to work from home.

  • The two tech giants, making the move to help minimize the spread of the Corona virus there is the city and the state of California deal with the growing number of cases.

  • Apple, meanwhile, is cracking down on APS related to the outbreak.

  • Developers tell CNBC the company is rejecting APs that aren't recognized that aren't from recognized organizations like governments or hospitals.

  • Good and Tito's is warning customers about using its vodka vodka to make homemade hand sanitizer.

  • Saying that is, Hier says he's responding to several enquiries on Twitter.

  • The company said per the CDC that it's vodka does not meet the alcohol requirement needed for hand sanitizer have 60 or 70% alcohol, at least to kill a virus, according to the CDC.

  • I think Tito's is like 40% or something, so I know it's probably been 90.

  • What's isopropyl role is the 90% or whatever it is it really because 40 is 80 proof and you know 100 proof is it's really strong.

  • That's 50% alcohol.

  • So you need 70.

  • You beat the virus and they tell you with any of the pure or any of these things, you have to have, like 60 to 70.

  • That was a problem with kids putting their hands in their mouth after you put Purell on him.

  • I remember that when my kids were younger, you didn't want before it before it dried.

  • You didn't want the alcohol content going going into their mouth.

  • Yeah, crazy stories.

Welcome back to swap box.

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Tito's says not to use its vodka for hand sanitizer

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/03/13
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