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  • player out there, but the offense is a story for the net.

  • They made all of this beautiful ball movement fresher, and that makes God feel good.

  • They're getting good ball movement.

  • Kobe Bryant with first field goal.

  • Three of three from downtown in Game two of the Lakers with one point lead with Bill appointing Get new frames.

  • Shaquille O'Neal against Mike Bibby of the Sacramento Kings.

  • Get McCullin.

  • Stop.

  • What New Jersey after do is keep scoring.

  • Go to hell.

  • Just stepping around here.

  • Lakers up by eight with scores on eight.

  • Nothing run by them.

  • Steel on the breakaway is still wearing that mask.

  • I'm supposed to be a good luck charm.

  • We were speculating on the other day that might take it off because he does not need it.

  • But he was shooting well prior to the jury.

  • Gets inside.

  • Yes, and accounts and another foul on Williams.

  • All of that is set up by the perimeter way through the double team on the all time list, moving ahead of wily 155.

  • Brian so just checked in, hitting from downtown on the floor.

  • No shack this champion get back in Maya ableto head so Kobe with US field goal.

  • He has 12 points of the Lakers lead by 13.

  • Anthony Johnson has come on.

  • He's playing the point.

  • Jason Kidd and they have two fouls on Been able to do your shopping for New Jersey.

  • They got a control booth.

  • Stuff has 19.

  • It is time.

  • You gotta keep it in front of Brian able to find a meal.

  • So Shack has 21 points in the ring.

  • Post fight Last night, talking with Mike Tyson and Lewis.

  • Kobe Bryant coming from behind to reject down to go before you start doing it.

  • So this is where they assert themselves.

  • Nail it down right here to start 1/3.

  • Take their hopes, their dreams away.

  • Brian Kobe Bryant throws back out pressure over only 48 at the free throw line.

  • Four foot tall froth.

  • Has 25 Lakers lead by seven games.

  • Willing to the Lakers lead as many as 23.

  • Earlier tonight, they led by 14.

  • Here's my color.

  • Checked in by O'Neill.

  • Fox putting a move on Van Horn.

  • Brian Brian from downtown.

  • He has 19 by Brian was upset.

  • He wanted Derek Fisher fresher from downtown beautiful Harris five.

  • Kobe.

  • Nice step back.

  • Move by Golden Bridle.

  • Get us 15 points, five assists.

  • It's a seven point Los Angeles leave.

  • Get a position on Collins, a power move by Shaquille O'Neal.

  • That's 30 for Shack 28 leaves 74 minutes by Brian Whipping by kid.

  • Lead is down to three.

  • Keep on trying to get to the high percentage down.

  • Angela.

  • Wait.

  • Come up with a shot from beyond the three point line.

  • Wait three pointers way.

  • Lakers in the best of an 11 to run, Brian played on a swath Confidence 196 ladies and against the Lakers who plays so well from behind, you have to continue to keep offensive tractor on them.

  • Watch the defense of Kenyon Martin watchwords hand goes as Toby, Let's just go right in it.

  • Watch that hand shack right now.

  • Quickly, all right, Try to get it to shock.

  • I'm going to and a foul on Bad Horn with 42 seconds to go.

  • Kendall Neo still on the floor, indicating that he's all right trying to find out that handed in by 106 continuing Hiss sensational plan.

  • He has played so much better on the road in the playoffs this year.

  • He lost his Balti maybe five times before he finally made an unbelievable shot.

  • That's why you don't play it out because he is so busy and the situation looking Nets are all over the ball.

  • And yet once he gets it, he's under control.

  • And that's money.

  • It's on both three point lead didn't realize they had found a way to free a heartbreaking loss for the Nets for the Lakers.

  • Another illustration.

  • How well they face pressure in particular on the road in the postseason.

player out there, but the offense is a story for the net.

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