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  • DAVID CULVER: Behind the police tape,

  • this normally crowded market in the central Chinese city

  • of Wuhan sits eerily desolate.

  • This is ground zero for the illness sparking global unease.

  • So this is where authorities believe the source

  • of the coronavirus is.

  • It's the wildlife and seafood market.

  • And you can perhaps actually over there it's cordoned off.

  • You've got police at all the corners.

  • It is so sensitive that within minutes

  • of us arriving and recording, security

  • asked us to stop filming.

  • There is an uneasiness felt throughout Wuhan.

  • We experienced that as soon as we

  • boarded the train from Beijing.

  • Each car nearly full.

  • Most faces covered.

  • Just about everyone traveling home for the Lunar New Year.

  • Strict screening upon arrival.

  • One by one, passenger step through a thermometer

  • check to make sure they are not bringing a fever with them.

  • Scenes like this playing out in transportation

  • hubs across China.

  • LI BIN: [speaking chinese]

  • INTERPRETER: The virus was being spread mainly

  • through respiratory transmission and is

  • likely to mutate, which will increase the risk

  • of epidemics spreading.

  • In addition, the spring-festival travel rush

  • saw a mass migration of people, and that has objectively

  • increased the risk of epidemics spreading

  • and the difficulties in taking effective preventative

  • and control measures.

  • We should always be on high alert

  • and never take this lightly.

  • DAVID CULVER: Behind me, this is one of a few hospitals here

  • in the region that's dedicated to treating some of those who

  • are either confirmed cases or suspected

  • cases of the coronavirus.

  • Out front you've got a few staff members who we

  • notice are all wearing masks.

  • Some of them are even wearing protective gloves just

  • to prevent any potential exposure.

  • It's brought the normally festive holiday mood in Wuhan

  • to a halt, and it's cut down this vendor's business.

  • XIAO CHUAN'AN: [speaking chinese]

  • INTERPRETER: This year, the pneumonia situation

  • is getting serious, so there are not so many people

  • coming here to buy goods.

  • DAVID CULVER: She's from a city that's about

  • two hours' drive from Wuhan.

  • She's got her mask nearby, and she admits she's worried,

  • and so too is her daughter and other relatives.

  • XIAO CHUAN'AN: [speaking chinese]

  • INTERPRETER: They were asking me to go back home,

  • but I can't leave with all my inventory here.

  • I've already bought these goods.

  • I have no choice, and I have to stay here

  • and resign myself to my fate.

  • DAVID CULVER: Other vendors more hopeful.

  • This woman telling me she does not

  • feel the need to wear a mask.

  • YAN WEIXI: [speaking chinese]

  • INTERPRETER: Maybe I am having a positive outlook.

  • I have been checking online instructions on Baidu,

  • like drinking more water or washing

  • your hands more frequently.

  • I think that should be fine.

  • DAVID CULVER: The unknowns looming over a city

  • with a rising death toll.

  • Unclear what's next for Wuhan and the 11 million

  • people who call it home.

  • David Culver, CNN, Wuhan, China.

DAVID CULVER: Behind the police tape,

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