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  • some bad news for the Britain broadcast today.

  • Jack Bird help for the season after tearing his a c o training hand.

  • Poor old Jack Bird.

  • He has had a horrible run before arriving in Brisbane.

  • It's gotten worse since you got to the Queensland capital.

  • I mean, this vision, we're saying, is hugely distressing because you know, he's history.

  • Um, we're gonna have a look in a moment.

  • The injury played career of Jack booed, but this black just can't take a trigger on.

  • I'm thinking to myself, How do you see he's long term future after these perfect sick and ice he'll tear into you Still only got 2024 25 Jackman Way coming.

  • It's a long way back from successive ice heels.

  • All these had a couple of ice heels as a junior as well, really, before he first cried side.

  • Well, you look there.

  • He is.

  • Entering his fifth season, it's only played 39 games.

  • What the Broncos, that song song Jack For these in about 900 a year, Jack and I want every middle this year, Miss 16 games last year, going options contract for next year's wine.

  • You'll take that up would think, Yeah, that won't feel about what he's one of five applies Check real.

  • I love you.

  • I love you as a football.

  • Loving is a black What do you think you convey the sigh Imply that because this this is the fear that bronc eyes.

  • And now I got because let's remember Jack Burke can true in his corral a jersey And he had this free spirit of just it played the game with just almost in a band and where he just popped up on my ball back to yourself.

  • Give me the ball.

  • I'm gonna run over this guy And the one thing cruciate ligament tears do is they affect you called would say personally, they can use a sort of like who?

  • Oh, I think I can overcome it because you just wanted was knockabout sort of guys.

  • You just like he takes things really seriously.

  • A times jacket and injuries Don't think ill of his dark days blocking team coming back from so high hopes.

  • First met Launch now Jack Bird Instantly.

  • Siebold would be getting much sleep tonight.

  • I wouldn't think now they're tough cards to get dealt 48 hours before your season's about to begin, you could say from Jackson reaction there that he's just absolutely shattered because he done all the hard work on the officers, and I reckon it was cherry ripe using absolute mint condition.

  • Exception set for a big season.

  • Three options are look ill.

  • Not Ndjamena.

  • Saka Hill was on the bench.

  • Is he'll play full back against the Cowboys?

  • Fraud.

  • I know it, Herbie.

  • Fine with Will come under the bench, a cz, the utility back on, then.

  • Beyond that, there's a good young bloke.

  • He's only in their development time at the moment.

  • Is this testing you?

  • You guys very big on him.

  • He's a fullback.

  • He's a fullback development player at the moment s not available until after June 30 unless they apply for dispensation.

  • I think that will have a look and see how you guys in the coins linkup first.

  • But then you've also got options of Darius Boyd.

  • Anthony Milford was used their last season.

  • Three carving ran the scenes.

some bad news for the Britain broadcast today.

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Horror injury run continues for Jack Bird | NRL 360

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