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  • and better to start for Vancouver.

  • With the Canucks looking for some forward traction here in the three remaining games before the holiday break, it's only two shots start.

  • There's one now.

  • Damn fromthe long half.

  • It's just chipped in and look at the hustle.

  • That's a great job to get in there.

  • Quickly.

  • Seconds old power in front, pretending back for Josh.

  • Leave a centering pass, piercing store's eyes down, trying to block it, comes back.

  • Tries to get Tanner.

  • Pearson almost grabs him.

  • Carries back to blue line.

  • That just gave it to Riley Smith.

  • Miller has.

  • Here's a passage from Carlson.

  • Stop.

  • So scores on the rebound.

  • Okay, here's the game way.

  • Now you're back returns.

  • He's playing defense.

  • Don't watch and you see let's Carlson go right by.

  • Here's a turnover.

  • J.

  • T.

  • Miller steals smooth.

  • Julius Pedersen gets the loose puck to make it 31 Vancouver Giveaway.

  • 18.

  • Miller in the middle.

  • Fleury can't Graham, and if that was you, needing me would come over to say hello.

  • Well, get out of the way.

  • Carlson centers in this store.

  • What a passing.

  • It's those three players again, combining take corners around the crease and Smith makes it 3 to 2 for this, but both in one of the rare face off wins spent the Carlson again gets it back at the Chase.

  • Is on you for that.

  • Doesn't take Charles for cold.

  • Hard Stone picks up the loose with holding stores.

  • What a turn of of its public enemy number.

  • One for the moment, rushing home to tie the Game.

  • Three.

  • Traffic in front traffic is front chase to the corner, using their cannon.

  • 44.

  • That's owed hi.

  • Whether it's full or that's foot or patch ready, is was leaving at it.

  • Myers Stick Just high and white capsule.

  • Wait Pedersen Tours.

  • I was pretty certain in a delayed reaction.

  • There's the puck.

  • Oh, wow, What a shot on Marc Andre Fleury Better starts playing wide past Brock fires back and looking out.

  • Thanks.

  • When I had a right to Theodore, who moves in with speech.

  • A theater week shot stick save by Marx.

  • Mark Stone passes back to theatre down the near side patch, ready in front stones yours for 20 remaining, and Mark Stone ties the game at four.

  • Stone turns senators.

  • What a save by Marx with blocker Falstaff dumps one ahead, broken up by Chris.

  • 10 seconds left.

  • He moves.

  • It passes back.

  • Shoot, stick, save by Fleury able to steer that one just 90 seconds into overtime.

  • Chris Cannon, Whose first career overtime.

  • Here's a bucket.

  • You could see Kristan of that line makes it doesn't bring it out.

  • Played by Chris Cannon.

  • Bore and Max Patch already was on.

  • Chris can't even let him go.

  • Kristanna gets position, body position at Pope checked and Marc Andre Fleury is usually so good with the pope.

and better to start for Vancouver.

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NHL Highlights | Golden Knights vs Canucks - Dec. 19, 2019

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