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  • Nadine.

  • What do you think?

  • I mean inaccurate spending returns.

  • They also claim that vote leave representatives were uncooperative.

  • In terms of this investigation, it's a pretty sorry state of affairs for the vote leave campaign.

  • I would actually like to see the lateral commission a little bit more equal, and it's in its investigations.

  • I'd like it to consider whether or not the £9 million the government spent on putting leaflets out into people's homes asking them to vote remain.

  • Counting is part of the respond to spend on the remain campaign.

  • I'd like them to look at George Soros, and the money he's spending on producing remain propaganda weather damage with that was spent.

  • I think what we've seen for two years is the electoral commission being slightly biased in the way it's focused.

  • But it's that concession elite, which is that a concession about exceeding spending limits on the side of vote leave.

  • I don't think for one second either dying Grimes or poor Darrin actually on believe, just wanting to get young people engaged in one of the biggest referendums for generation deliberately deliberately miss spends All right anyway, what's well, let's We've got somebody we can talk to about that.

  • Sameer Sahni M is here.

  • You were the whistle blower who drew this to public attention.

  • We spoke about this before.

  • Is Nadine right?

  • Won The electoral commission is the institution that protects our democratic process is it's the institution responsible for ensuring that our campaigns are referendums on our elections are legal undermining that is on insult to business democratic process.

  • I let this process of deflection of the way that you're speaking about an important institution upholding our democracy sounds a bit like Trump.

  • If I'm honest, you know, and this thing is a big away is a typical way in which people are responding to fax.

  • So the electoral commission has also looked at the remain campaign.

  • And this is this is what we have to understand about the leave campaign is the sheer arrogance by what some.

  • The way in which some people acted as if they are above the law and they are not.


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Nadine Dorries (ERG) continues the Brexit mix of arrogance, exceptionalism and a victim complex

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/03/13
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