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  • (Kermit) It's a Muppisode!

  • Wow! This is a really long line for the bathroom.

  • -Yeah! -Yeah!

  • -This isn't the line for the bathroom. -Huh?

  • This is the line for the food trucks!

  • Okay, guys! Wrong line!

  • -So we should prob-- -Food truck!

  • (all chatter about food trucks)

  • (Kermit) Guys? Sheesh.

  • So, it's sea salt infused with a beet juice emulsion.

  • But... it's still a cupcake though, right?

  • Uh... Hold on, I'll just check.

  • (Scooter) All right, everybody!

  • Get your food and get on the van!

  • Well, we have everyone but the Swedish Ch--

  • Chef?!

  • (speaks "Swedish")

  • Hey, you know, Chef, we should probably pack up.

  • For all we know, this is someone else's place.

  • (trunk honks)

  • -(everyone screams) -(trunk honks repetitively)

  • (gasp)

  • Hoo doggie! It's Chef Gordon Ramsay!

  • And you're in his spot, stranger!

  • (old man) Only one way to settle this:

  • Food truck fight!

  • (in unison) Food truck fight!

  • Gordon Ramsay versus Swedish Chef!

  • Begin!

  • (speaks in "Swedish")

  • (pans clatter) Oh, sorry.

  • Oh, you need this, don't cha?

  • (pots clatter)

  • Yow! That's hot!

  • -Me, me, me, me, me. -(chef speaks "Swedish")

  • -What is that?! -Oh, I dunno.

  • It's a mess! Look at it!

  • You can't use that!

  • -Well, I did my best. -It's not good enough.

  • (chops)

  • (speaks in "Swedish" frantically)

  • -Me, me, me, me. -(Speaks in "Swedish")

  • You're fired! Get out of here!

  • Alright, let me just--(dishes clatter)

  • Come on!

  • It's kind of like we're dancing!

  • Attention chefs! Final plating.

  • -Oh! -Oh!

  • -In five... -Where's my plate?!

  • -four, three-- -Come on, move!

  • -two-- -This is crazy!

  • one.

  • Judging!

  • Gordon, our favorite thing about your dish is the heaping helping...

  • ..of insults you served along with it!

  • -Ha! Ha! Ha! -Heh! Heh! Heh!

  • And's your face?

  • The best part about your dish is the little pattern of flowers around the edge.

  • -Oh! -Ooh!

  • It's not the food.

  • What I discovered was that by combining both of your dishes...

  • ..I was able to form the perfect fusion cuisine.

  • -Unfortunately, it is Cold Fusion. -Oh! Oh!

  • -Now it is going to explode. -Oh! Oh! Oh!

  • Explosive combo!

  • It's a draw!

  • (Dr. Teeth) Hey, Kermit! We really should have found a bathroom!

  • -(Animal) Sorry.

  • (Kermit) Sheesh.

  • That was fun, but what do the Muppets most want to do?

  • Find out when Muppets Most Wanted hits theaters March 21st. Rated PG.

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(Kermit) It's a Muppisode!

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Muppisode - "Food Fight!" featuring Gordon Ramsay, Ross Lynch, & Maia Mitchell

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    Halu Hsieh posted on 2014/01/15
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