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  • So today I'm doing a fresh and awake makeup tutorial for you guys. I had a super long

  • night last night and I thought it's the perfect time to show you guys how to look wide awake

  • and bright-eyed. And I'll just be leaving the rest of my face fresh and simple, perfect

  • for everyday. Starting with my face, I'm taking this hydrating

  • face cream and I'm putting it all over my face to moisturize before I go on with the

  • rest of my makeup. Now I'm taking this eye cream and I'm just

  • moisturizing my eyes before I put on concealer. I like to prime my face so I'm taking my primer

  • and I'm just putting it all over my face. This helps seal in my pores and preps my face

  • for my foundation. Now I'm taking this skin foundation and with

  • a fluffy brush, I'm just going to put it all over my face to help even out my skintone

  • and, you know, just give me a little extra coverage.

  • For even more coverage around my needed areas, which is my nose and and my cheeks, I'm taking

  • this Bobbi Brown concealer and I'm just patting it in those spots that I need more coverage.

  • Since I am using liquid products, now I'm going to set my face with this powder because

  • melting makeup is not cute, girl. Here goes my favorite parts. I'm taking the

  • Bobbi Brown corrector and I'm just patting that under my eyes to cover my dark circles.

  • For my sad brows, I'm going to take this Estee Lauder pencil and I'm going to fill it in

  • to make it look like I got a little somein-somethin'. And then I'm going to take this brow set gel

  • and brush it over my brows to hold everything in place.

  • So I wanted to keep this look clean and simple so I'm just going to skip eyeshadow and instead

  • I'm going to do a clean line of eyeliner. Mascara time. You know how this goes.

  • Okay, we're almost done. So now I'm going to take this eyelash curler to curl my lashes

  • because my lashes tend to fall with mascara so that's why I like to do it after.

  • And now I'm going to take my falsies and just put them on and BAM!

  • Falsies really help open your eyes so if you had a long, tired night, pop on some falsies

  • and your eyes will look lifted. For even more bright-eyed effect, I like to

  • take a champagne color and tab it into my tear duct and outer corner of my eyes and

  • it really draws light into my eyes. Now I'm going to bronze my face. I'm going

  • to use that typical 3D method. Then I'm going to take some blush and add some color back

  • into my cheeks so I look alive. And then I'm going to take this cream blush,

  • you can actually use this as a lip color and I love it!

  • So I'm just patting that into my lips and moving on to the hair.

  • So now I'm all dressed and ready to go. Thank you all so much for watching and I hope you

  • enjoyed. Bye guys!

  • Yeah, this looks great. It's only two colors so I can totally do this on my own. Yeah,

  • all about the blending. WHOA HANNAH! I didn't even recognize you.

  • Thank man, doesn't this look good? If he's about to lean in for a kiss and you're

  • all juicy and everything, you don't want that.

So today I'm doing a fresh and awake makeup tutorial for you guys. I had a super long

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"Fresh & Awake Makeup" with Weylie (ilikeweylie) | Makeup & Go // I love makeup.

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