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  • Narrator: As a female with tattoos,

  • I started to notice a trend.

  • When I walked into tattoo shops

  • there were hardly any women artists.

  • But if you look around,

  • more females than males have tattoos.

  • According to a 2015 study, 31% of females have tattoos,

  • while only 27% of men do.

  • If you look at those giving the tattoos, it's mostly males.

  • Only one in six tattoo artists were women,

  • according to a 2010 study.

  • So where are the women tattoo artists?

  • I went on a search and found Shanzey Afzal,

  • owner of Ink Minx, a mobile, female-run tattoo shop.

  • She created her one-woman shop

  • prioritizing women and non-binary customers.

  • - Being a female tattoo artist was really tough to learn.

  • Tattoo shops are very male-dominated.

  • And nobody wanted to teach me, being a young woman.

  • I had to go through my apprenticeship,

  • which I feel was much tougher

  • than the males' apprenticeship.

  • I had to be tougher than somebody else would have had to be.

  • Narrator: Today, Shanzey says her tattoo shop

  • inside of an old-school trailer is her safe space.

  • - I made the choice to tattoo women

  • and non-binary customers

  • because I saw that they really sought a different service

  • and that there was a huge market for it.

  • Women-only services are non-discriminatory

  • and proven to be effective

  • in creating participation in industries.

  • Narrator: Shanzey used a loan to buy her trailer.

  • But in order to expand her business she needs investors.

  • She's been applying for new loans

  • and looking for investors since 2016.

  • But she hasn't had much luck yet.

  • And she isn't alone.

  • In 2016, women-owned businesses accounted for only [email protected]:01:56,750 --> 00:02:00,000 of the total number of approved 7(a) small business loans.

  • - I think if I was a white man

  • I would have more of a likelihood to land these meetings.

  • I think white men come off as less of a hazard.

  • They're more marketable.

  • Young Pakistani Muslim women are different.

  • And anything that's different is more of a risk.

  • Narrator: And if women are able

  • to get their foot in the door,

  • they don't see as much money

  • compared to their male counterparts.

  • In 2016, Fundera reported

  • that women received 2.5 times less money on average

  • for small business loans than men did.

  • These small loan amounts are not the result

  • of there being fewer businesses owned by women.

  • In fact, over the last 20 years,

  • the number of women-owned businesses has more than doubled.

  • Even more specifically, businesses owned by women of color

  • grew four times that rate in 20 years.

  • - I love being a female business owner.

  • And I love being a woman of color.

  • I think the most exciting part of it for me

  • is inspiring other young women.

Narrator: As a female with tattoos,

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Challenges Of Being A Female Tattoo Artist

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