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  • - What would you say is the biggest key

  • to building a strong sense of

  • community,

  • and just,

  • a team aspect?

  • - For like your.

  • - For your business.

  • - For your friends?

  • - Yeah like a community

  • or culture.

  • - Give a damn.

  • - [Guest] Yep.

  • - Give a damn about your people.

  • I think most entrepreneurs get too self-centered.

  • Too like me-me-me-me-me.

  • Because sometimes that's what got them to entrepreneurship.

  • And that's who I was like before.

  • But you have the team, the culture, the community.

  • You gotta give a fuck, you gotta give a damn.

  • You put them ahead of your own self-interests.

  • So it's like a good book.

  • I'm thinking about.

  • (faintly speaking)

  • the writer.

  • "Leaders Eat Last."

  • That's what it is.

  • Because it's like your.

  • Have you ever watched Mel Gibson, "We Were Soldiers?"

  • - No.

  • - There was a scene where he's coming down the helicopter.

  • He's the first one that stepped on the battlefield,

  • he was the last one to leave.

  • It's that kind of mentality.

  • - Yep.

  • - You have to give a damn.

  • And you cannot fake it.

  • You cannot pretend.

  • You cannot say it.

  • It's what you do.

  • So when they know that you put their interests

  • ahead of yourself.

  • Then people will follow you.

  • - Of course.

  • - Because it's both ways to a lot of those people.

  • - Thank you very much.

- What would you say is the biggest key

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Why Great Leaders Eat Last

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/03/09
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