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  • It’s here!

  • Rachel’s English Academy is open.

  • This is the English class youve been looking for.

  • If you love English and studying languages, or if youre nervous to use your English

  • in public, or start conversations.

  • If you need to get a better score on the TOEFL or IELTS speaking exam, or if you need to

  • speak better English to advance at your job, or to get the job you want, this is the class

  • youve been looking for.

  • Visit and clickenroll now”.

  • Courses focus heavily on conversation so youll learn the vocabulary, phrases, and idioms

  • that Americans use.

  • Youll have access to video that you can’t get anywhere else.

  • Interactive soundboards built on the conversation youre studying.

  • >> Someone.

  • Audio that you can download, and quizzes to test your comprehension.

  • >> Bunk.

  • This is a by subscription only school of online courses focused on English conversation skills.

  • Youll learn the vocabulary, phrases, and idioms that Americans use in conversation.

  • Youll learn exactly how theyre pronounced and how to imitate them.

  • Youll learn all the sounds of American English, the stress, the placement, the melody.

  • Everything that makes up the character of English.

  • Youll understand Americans so much better after watching the speech analysis videos.

  • And youll have all the tools youll need to be able to imitate how Americans speak

  • so that you can sound natural.

  • This is a subscription, so new lessons or courses are added each month.

  • Theyre all focused on your conversational confidence.

  • As soon as you enroll, youll have access to all the lessons.

  • But if you choose to, you can follow along with the Daily Plan course that suggests what

  • to work on, when.

  • There are live classes every month, where youll be able ask questions, and I’ll

  • also work with some of you in real time.

  • I’ll turn on your webcam, work with you, coach you on your accent.

  • If you already follow Rachel’s English, this is truly what I do best.

  • There’s so much video and audio here to work with, that you can’t get anywhere else,

  • that youll have so many layers to pull back as you learn and understand more.

  • There’s a secret Facebook group for Academy members only where you can ask questions,

  • answer questions, look for a language partner, share videos.

  • It’s a community.

  • Were all doing this together.

  • You did it.

  • You found the English class youve been looking for.

  • Click enroll now.

  • You can join right away.

  • What’s stopping you?

  • There is a 30-day money back guarantee, so if you decide it’s not the best place for

  • you to study spoken English, you can get a full refund.

  • But don’t just take my word for it.

  • I let a couple of people in early, to get feedback.

  • Listen to what they have to say.

  • This Lucas from Brazil.

  • He’s an English teacher.

  • This woman from Thailand started studying English so she could speak to her daughter.

  • Very impressive, Little Pearl.

  • And that’s it.

  • Get the job you want, get into the school you want, have the conversations you want.


  • Go there, enroll now, and I’ll see you in class.

It’s here!

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Rachel's English Academy Online Courses

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