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  • Don't know why I just did that. Hi, I'm Carl Kwan and this is Presentation

  • Quick Tip #9. In this video, I'm going to talk about how

  • to remember what to say in a presentation. First of all, do not try to memorise your

  • script. It's a big no-no.

  • If something were to go wrong in the middle of your presentation, you're going to forget

  • everything, you'll be so distracted. And then you'll be totally screwed.

  • The second thing is that you may not sound as natural in delivering that.

  • You'll sound like you are talking at the audience and not talking to the audience.

  • So what can you do instead? Well, there are three things you can do.

  • First of all, prepare well in advance. Make sure you know your topic really well

  • and also know your audience really well and what they want to hear.

  • Second of all, write everything out in point form.

  • Do not write everything in sentences; you'll be tempted to memorise those sentences.

  • And number three, practice, practice, practice. But practice by focusing on recording yourself

  • and then watching and listening if you're using filler words like "like" and "um" or

  • "you know," which I'm guilty of. And also, check to see that you are meeting

  • the time requirements. Also check if your content is being delivered

  • clearly, if you're speaking well. And also maybe think about, "OK, can I take

  • something out, can I add something in to my presentation to make it better."

  • So that is how you remember what to say in a presentation.

  • Make sure you repeat step number three over and over until you are very natural, calm

  • and confident in delivering your presentation in the time allowed.

  • That is Presentation Quick Tip #9. If you have any questions or comments about

  • this one, please leave them below this video. Thank you for watching.

  • Talk to you again soon. Bye-bye.

Don't know why I just did that. Hi, I'm Carl Kwan and this is Presentation

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Presentation Quick Tip #9 - How to Remember What to Say in a Presentation

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    劉善驊 posted on 2013/12/14
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