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  • Leonie, is everything OK?

  • Yeah, I'm fine.

  • Leonie, is everything OK?

  • No, actually.

  • Sitting next to you is a living hell

  • because of your heavy breathing and stupid lisp.

  • (whistling)

  • Hey, Nick.

  • Do you mind letting the clients know

  • we're going to be five minutes late to the meeting?

  • All right, cool.

  • Oh, what are you doing?

  • I'm emailing them.

  • Do you mind just calling them?

  • This is urgent, thank you.

  • Um, what are you doing?

  • I'm emailing them.

  • No, call them right now and let them know

  • how awkward and incompetent you are at your job.

  • Cheers.

  • Hey, Nick, nice haircut.

  • Hey, Nick, nice haircut.

  • It distracts from your shit face.

  • Hey, where you going?

  • Oh, we're getting drinks, you should come.

  • Hey, where you going?

  • Oh, we're getting drinks, but we don't want you there.

  • It is really warm at the moment.

  • It's too hot for spring, but then, like,

  • later we're going to get storms, it's weird.

  • It's global warming, and we're all gonna die.

  • It's way too hot, the world's ending.

  • (phone buzzing)

  • (phone buzzing)

  • Hey, Nick, are you free for a chat?

  • Uh, yeah.

  • Cool, can you meet me in my office in five?

  • Cool, 'cause I'm just about to fire you

  • so you better start packing your bags.

  • Cheers, mate.

Leonie, is everything OK?

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