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  • I'm a professor of physics, but I'm also a futurist.

  • And I say, when you think about the future,

  • hold onto your hats.

  • Every once in a while, there is this technology

  • which changes the entire landscape.

  • We have a paradigm shift, a game changer,

  • like for example the coming of the printing press

  • with moveable type.

  • Within just a few years,

  • we had almost a million manuscripts

  • circulating throughout Europe.

  • And that set into motion one of the greatest transitions

  • and that is the Renaissance.

  • A renaissance of knowledge.

  • 5G technology should be seen in that light.

  • We're talking about unleashing the floodgates.

  • When you first hear about 5G

  • you learn that it's maybe 100 times faster than 4G

  • and you say to yourself,

  • Great. Wow. My favorite movie in just a few seconds.”

  • And then you say to yourself,

  • is that all?

  • I mean just faster downloads,

  • getting a Hollywood movie in a matter of seconds?

  • Is that it?”

  • No.

  • I think in the future the internet will be

  • in your contact lens.

  • You will simply blink and have access

  • to the entire storehouse of knowledge on the planet Earth.

  • There are millions of Americans

  • that do not have easy access to broadband technology

  • and that's where 5G comes in

  • 'cause they realize the importance of being connected

  • to the rest of the world.

  • That's a precious commodity-connectedness.

  • Think of what that's gonna do to society's productivity.

  • To our interconnectedness.

  • To our job market.

  • To the economy.

  • To enrich and empower our lives.

I'm a professor of physics, but I'm also a futurist.

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