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  • 00:00:07,580 --> 00:00:10,430 SARAH SWALLOW: My passion for cycling

  • kind of started with the fitness side of it,

  • but then was introduced to this whole other side.

  • I really got into exploring new places

  • and finding new places to ride.

  • I typically gravitate to like national forests and state

  • parks.

  • We're riding through Humboldt Redwoods State Park.

  • 00:00:40,910 --> 00:00:44,529 You're surrounded by these huge redwoods

  • that are covered in moss.

  • And it was just incredible.

  • 00:00:54,930 --> 00:00:57,341 It started really raining.

  • But it was also when we discovered that car

  • off the side of the road.

  • We should make sure that there's no dead bodies

  • on the other side.

  • 00:01:08,602 --> 00:01:10,900 It looks like there's a whole bunch of, like, snacks

  • in there.

  • 00:01:46,560 --> 00:01:50,046 Seeing the world from the seat of my bicycle

  • is an incredible experience.

  • There'll be hardships.

  • And it's not always, uh, comfortable.

  • But it'll be rewarding, no matter what,

  • even if it's cold and rainy.

  • 00:02:05,090 --> 00:02:08,310 You aim to set up camp between 3:00 and 5:00.

  • And as long as you can do that, then you've

  • had a really good day.

  • So if it takes you all day to go 20 miles or all day

  • to go 70 miles, then, you know, you get to see nature

  • and be in it and experience it.

  • 00:02:26,190 --> 00:02:30,710 For dinner, we had dehydrated Thai curry, olives,

  • and then dessert of creme brulee.

  • 00:02:46,272 --> 00:02:48,751 This is our normal routine.

  • Tom stands there, stays warm, while I pack up the tent.

  • 00:02:55,105 --> 00:02:56,688 You should be making coffee right now.

  • TOM: All right, fine.

  • SARAH SWALLOW: Tom and I met in a bicycle shop

  • that we were both working at.

  • We are opposites in so many ways.

  • And the things that we're opposite in

  • are actually very complementary.

  • So we make a really good team.

  • 00:03:33,130 --> 00:03:38,281 The sun came out, like, as soon as we were making our descent

  • on the beach.

  • It was a perfect ending, made all that effort worth it.

  • Hi.

  • 00:03:51,540 --> 00:03:54,970 You have to look at life in terms of you

  • only have so much time on this earth.

  • And how are you going to spend that time?

00:00:07,580 --> 00:00:10,430 SARAH SWALLOW: My passion for cycling

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The Adventure Dispatch - Sarah Swallow

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