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  • Excuse me.

  • Who are you?

  • Your grandma!

  • Don't let this psych you out, but magic is real.

  • I'm not missing another chance to time-travel.

  • We're in 1975.

  • Ten-dollar vintage jeans?

  • Technically, they're not vintage yet.

  • The night-blooming plants are gone.

  • But we're the only ones who remember magic.

  • There must be someone else out there.

  • You're sure they don't know it was you?

  • Don't worry about the girls.

  • I'll handle them.

  • They can find a way to stop you.

  • You said there'd be a downside from re-growing our magic garden.

  • You think this is it?

  • We need your help.

  • What else is new?

  • I came up with a recipe to unmask The Night Bandit.

  • I'll get the ingredients.

  • Parquinnien doesn't exist now, but we could go to a time when it did.

  • 1800s, here we come.

  • Thought that description of the strange girls sounded familiar.

  • Chuck.

  • Help yourself to whatever you need.

  • There's spices we've never even heard of.

  • Hi!

  • We look so young!

  • Okay.

  • This is a lot to process.

  • The Night Bandit caused an earthquake and cursed us with a rot spell.

  • Whoa, cool.

  • But... not cool.

  • Once we make this spell, it will all be over.

  • Somebody wants to keep us seriously distracted.

  • How did we not see it before?

  • You guys can solve anything.

  • We better get cooking.

  • One, two, three.

  • Hannah, we need to focus.

  • I'm totally focused.

  • Look, a gorilla cuddling a kitten!

Excuse me.

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Just Add Magic Season 3 - Official Trailer | Prime Video Kids

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