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  • - Wait, what?

  • Was she like, "You will never be good enough for my son?"

  • Or was it like,

  • "You, you, will never be good enough for my son?"

  • - It's like the second one. - Oh.

  • - Except for in a way that made me want to,

  • like, cry and puke at the same time.

  • - God, she's so badass.

  • You know, I bet if you told her you'd leave Nick

  • for a million dollars, she will write that check.

  • They do that around here.

  • - She looked at me like I was nothing.

  • - Like a ten million dollar check.

  • I feel like she would do that.

  • - I don't even know what I should do.

  • I mean, I can't even tell Nick because he like worships her.

  • - Yeah, Chinese sons think their moms fart

  • Chanel Number five.

  • What about the Ah Ma?

  • She hate your face, too?

  • - Okay, nobody said they hated my face.

  • And Ah Ma, she liked my face.

  • She said I had a lucky nose.

  • - That's great!

  • You know, Eleanor can hate you all day long,

  • but you can't beat two thousand years

  • of Chinese filial piety.

  • - I feel like I shouldn't even go to the wedding.

  • You know, it's Colin and Araminta's day,

  • I don't want to cause any drama there.

  • I feel like I should just sit it out.

  • You know?

  • Tell Nick I had food poisoning or something.

  • What?

  • - That's bullshit.

  • You're just scared.

  • - No, I'm not.

  • - Okay, here's what you need to understand, all right?

  • It's not about getting Eleanor to like you.

  • It's about getting her to respect you.

  • All right?

  • Right now, she just thinks you're some

  • like undeserving, clueless, golddigging,

  • - Okay, yeah, I got it.

  • - trashy, unrefined banana, yellow

  • on the outside, white on the inside.

  • - I know what a banana is.

  • - When in reality, you're like a super sophisticated,

  • smart professor of freaking game theory.

  • Show her that side of you, you know.

  • - You're right.

  • - Damn straight, I'm right.

  • It's Peik Lin, I'm always right.

  • - Yeah, she's like trying to play a game of chicken

  • with me, where she's like coming at me,

  • and like, thinking I'm going to swerve like a chicken.

  • - But you can't swerve.

  • - I'm not going to swerve, not for her.

  • - No, chickens are bitches, dude!

  • - And I'm not a chicken.

  • - You're not a chicken.

  • You going to roll up to that wedding,

  • you going to be like, 'Bak-bak, bitch!'

  • - Bak-bak, bitch!

  • - Chickens are bitches.

  • Sorry Uncle.

  • - What are you doing tonight?

  • - Uh, I was going to go to FedEx or something, why?

  • Oh!

  • I have been waiting to do this properly for

- Wait, what?

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