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  • - [Voiceover] Two tornadoes ongoing right now.

  • - [Voiceover] Oh my God.

  • (upbeat band music)

  • - [Voiceover] It takes a certain craziness

  • for people to go out and pursue these things.

  • - [Voiceover] God, oh my God.

  • - The raw destruction of nature

  • in such a tight, enclosed area.

  • It's tragic, it's amazing, it's beautiful

  • and every one, for me,

  • holds that sense of awe and wonder.

  • Here it comes.

  • My name is Tony Laubach and I am a storm chaser

  • and meteorologist.

  • I basically make a living out in the field

  • selling imagery to news outlets, telling the story

  • in a visual sense, of what's happening with weather.

  • From March to June, I'm basically traveling

  • all over the country in search of severe weather,

  • literally could be putting tens of thousands

  • of miles on my car.

  • Sometimes 5000 miles a week.

  • Large tornado on the ground, west of Dodge City.

  • The storm we've been on is weakening pretty heavily

  • right now.

  • The storm coming out of the South

  • I think, has got my attention right now.

  • It's something I'm kinda watching.

  • (banjo music)

  • Kansas has always been my holy land.

  • The flatlands, the fields, the colors.

  • For a normal person, you drive from Kansas City

  • to Colorado and you gotta spend eight hours

  • driving through nothing.

  • To chasers, to people like me,

  • it's the most beautiful landscape of anything.

  • You can see tens if not hundreds of miles at a time

  • and watch these storm from a great distance.

  • It's something truly amazing.

  • There it is.

  • We as chasers never, ever want storms

  • to impact anybody in a negative way.

  • And unfortunately, in some instances, they do,

  • significantly.

  • They take lives and peoples homes and their livelihoods.

  • (piano music)

  • The lows are devastating but the highs

  • are amazing, because of the gratification,

  • the beauty, everything that you have put

  • the effort into is there.

  • When you get rewarded by nature for your efforts,

  • and you see this event in person, there's nothing

  • that compares to that.

- [Voiceover] Two tornadoes ongoing right now.

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Chasing Tornadoes with a Storm Junkie

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