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  • (bell ringing)

  • (cheerful music)

  • - [Voiceover] How many times do you get

  • one of the only people in the world doing what you're doing?

  • There's other people that tried it,

  • but they haven't lasted.

  • - My name's Art Ritchie and I'm one of

  • the co-owners of the Carousel Works.

  • - And I'm Dan Jones, and I'm the other owner

  • of Carousel Works.

  • - [Art] We're the largest manufacturer

  • of wooden carousels in the world.

  • - Art and I met through a third party that we both knew.

  • I went over to his shop one day,

  • and we were talking and one thing led to another,

  • and from there it just kinda took off.

  • I was doing restoration and he was doing carvings.

  • - We've had a 50/50 partnership for 30 years,

  • and there are very few partnerships

  • that last over three years, so.

  • - You know that's not to say that we haven't

  • had differences over the years.

  • It's just like being married.

  • But not that bad.

  • (laughter)

  • - [Art] We average, in different stages,

  • probably three carousels a year.

  • - [Dan] We're actually working on four right now.

  • We have carousels all around the world.

  • - [Art] We made the Cincinnati Riverfront carousel.

  • - [Dan] We have one in the Bronx Zoo.

  • - [Art] We have one in the Kansas City Zoo.

  • - [Dan] the Nashville Zoo.

  • - [Art] the Atlanta Zoo.

  • - [Dan] the Riverbank Zoo.

  • - We even made the Smithsonian National Zoo carousel.

  • Carousels will put people in the eye of the child.

  • - Oh, they're absolutely beautiful.

  • When you watch people ride a carousel,

  • the kids are just loving to go up and down,

  • and with these big smiles.

  • And then the ride comes to a stop.

  • Can we go again?

  • It's fantastic.

(bell ringing)

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The Last Carousel Craftsmen

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    許大善 posted on 2020/01/27
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