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  • It's over.

  • They're all gone.

  • Frank, it's time. It's time you say what happened.

  • Frank, I want you to meet my cousin, Russell Bufalino.

  • Better watch. There's a lot of tough guys around here. Did he tell you?

  • -You're not afraid of tough guys, are you? -No.

  • I didn't think so.

  • I was one of a thousand working stiffs.

  • Until I wasn't no more.

  • You got a good friend here. You don't know how good a friend you got.

  • Russell, he took a shine to me right away.

  • After a while, he started giving me little things to do.

  • I know you read a lot of things about me. I just wanna say I'm sorry.

  • I know I wasn't a good dad. I know that.

  • I know. I was just trying to protect all of youse.

  • From what?

  • You didn't see what I see. What I've been through.

  • A friend of ours is having a little trouble.

  • A friend at the top.

  • Hi, Frank, this is Jimmy Hoffa.

  • Glad to meet you.

  • Big business and the government is on the attack.

  • You want to be a part of this, Frank? A part of this history?

  • Whatever you need me to do, I'm available.

  • Only three people in the world have one of these, and only one of them is Irish.

  • You know how strong I made you?

  • -I know things they don't know I know.

  • He said that? You sure he said that?

  • -I'm worried. -Nobody threatens Hoffa.

  • I got records, I got tapes. They're done.

  • I had to put you into this thing.

  • Sooner or later, everybody put here has a date when he's gonna go.

  • I know how you feel, Frank.

  • Trust me, I know how you feel.

  • We'll bring you back after to get your car.

  • Yeah.

It's over.

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The Irishman | Final Trailer | Netflix

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    Harry Huang posted on 2020/01/26
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