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  • (slow mellow music)

  • - [Voiceover] This is the Speke's gazelle.

  • The smallest of the gazelle species.

  • Sadly, it is also one of the most endangered.

  • They max out at around two feet and 40 pounds.

  • Their biggest feature is their nose

  • which can puff up to the size of a tennis ball

  • when excited.

  • Native to the Horn of Africa,

  • they live in semidesert grasslands

  • and feed on grass, herbs, shrubs and other plants.

  • In the 80's,

  • they were one of the most abundant gazelle species

  • in parts of Ethiopia and Somalia,

  • but today the Ethiopian population is close to extinction

  • while numbers in Somalia have greatly decreased.

  • A combination of hunting, drought and overgrazing

  • has decimated the population.

  • This is the Speke's gazelle.

  • (slow mellow music)

(slow mellow music)

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A Gazelle As Rare As It Is Small

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    許大善 posted on 2020/01/26
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