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  • Dating can be fun, refreshing, and fulfilling, but it can also be straight-up confusing and a pain in the butt.

  • Maybe you've been with your partner for a few weeks now and seem excited about the future, but how do you know your butterflies are because of them and not from fear of things not working out?

  • Here are 10 signs a relationship is moving too fast.

  • One: Your partner still talks about their ex.

  • Knowing that you're someone's rebound hurts.

  • If your partner still checks up on their ex's social media, it's a dead giveaway that they're not fully invested in you.

  • Two: You question your happiness when you're with them.

  • All your actions say you want to be with them; you go on dates often and you mesh well with their friends, but something still doesn't feel quite right.

  • Three: You're making big decisions before even meeting the fam.

  • Or maybe you don't even know your partner's favorite color, and yet, you're already talking about moving in together.

  • Better runthat's like asking for a train wreck.

  • Four: Everyone around you is in a relationship, so you want to make it official.

  • Who doesn't appreciate Instagram likes and sharing good news on Facebook?

  • But if the idea excites you more than the person in front of you, you might be more concerned about fulfilling social expectations.

  • Five: You trust them before getting to really know them.

  • Playing hard-to-get is definitely not a healthy way to someone's heart, but neither is being vulnerable too soon.

  • There are some things you should know about your partner first, like how well they can compromise and what they're like on bad days.

  • Six: You think they're perfect.

  • Putting your partner on a pedestal doesn't mean they're actually "the one".

  • When you're overly infatuated, you fail to see your partner's flaws, which plays a huge role in compatibility.

  • Seven: You mistake fighting for passion.

  • Make-up sex is great after a big fight, but if the two of you are doing that a lot, you might want to ask yourself if this is healthy and where the relationship is going.

  • Eight: You get impatient to hear back from them.

  • Do you get mad when they respond to your text too slow or over analyze every single emoji, exclamation point, and word?

  • You want to make sure you're allowing your partner space.

  • Nine: You're ignoring the red flags.

  • Does your partner want kids, but being a parent was never on your radar? Or maybe you see yourself moving into a city. but they prefer the countryside?

  • You can only escape reality for so long until it catches up with you.

  • Ten: You've said "I love you" after a few dates.

  • There's a difference between loving someone and being in love with them, and people often realize it too late when they've already made future plans.

  • Do any of these signs sound familiar?

  • What are some troubles you're facing in your relationship?

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Dating can be fun, refreshing, and fulfilling, but it can also be straight-up confusing and a pain in the butt.

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10 Signs a Relationship is Moving too Fast

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