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  • now one of the answers it seems to me is a guaranteed annual income a guaranteed

  • minimum income for all people and for all families of our country supporters

  • call themselves the yang gang they chant power point as rallies and wear ball

  • caps with MATH on the front for make America think harder. welcome Democratic

  • candidate for president Andrew Yang please welcome Andrew please join me in

  • welcoming Andrew Yang to the stage

  • what made you want to run for President? so imagine being the guy who's getting

  • medals from the White House for creating jobs around the country realizing that

  • your work is like pouring water into a bathtub that has a giant hole ripped in

  • the bottom I'm a parent I've got two young boys were six and three and I'm

  • not gonna bring them up in a country that's going to fall apart around them

  • we need to evolve as fast as possible I'm running for president because I'm

  • focused on solving the problem that got Donald Trump elected in the first place

  • in 2016 the reason he is our president today is that we automated away four

  • million manufacturing jobs we started with millions of manufacturing jobs and

  • now we're going to do the same thing to millions of retail jobs call center jobs

  • fast-food jobs we're in the midst of the greatest

  • economic greatest economic and technological transformation in the

  • history of the world what experts are calling the fourth Industrial Revolution

  • fourth Industrial Revolution the stuff that got Donald Trump into office is

  • just going to accelerate capitalism right now has become this

  • winner-take-all economy if we continue just to see ourselves as inputs into the

  • giant capital efficiency machine we lose we need to make this economy work for us

  • because if the economy doesn't work for us what's the point

  • instead of using GDP and capital efficiency we should be using things

  • like how our kids are doing our own mental health and freedom from substance

  • abuse average income and affordability clean air and clean water and then use

  • those as the actual measurements of economic progress the slogan for my

  • campaign is humanity first we're all human beings we all have equal value and

  • we need to start acting like that yeah Democratic presidential candidate Andrew

  • yang wants to change the way we think as a society he's put some ideas on the

  • table that most politicians have not wanted to talk about he's really been

  • campaigning on a platform of ideas only person talking about all these creative

  • solutions you actually thought you could get somewhere with us well I was

  • apparently correct

  • so what I ask for you all tonight is for you to take this new vision of the

  • economy this trickle up economy this human centered economy this vision and

  • make it yours

  • yang does beat Trump it's like a game of rock-paper-scissors and if Donald

  • Trump's the scissors I'm the fucking rock

now one of the answers it seems to me is a guaranteed annual income a guaranteed

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THE RISE OF ANDREW YANG | Human Centered Capitalism | Universal Basic Income | Medicare For All

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    王惟惟 posted on 2020/01/12
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