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  • Awww yeah ladies and gentlemen today we have an English lesson with a classic

  • animated film Shrek so even though it's been 18 years since the first Shrek was

  • screened for the first time we can honestly say and that this amazing movie

  • and all of its beloved characters never get old The Adventures of Shrek and his

  • friend donkey are very humorous because it's actually parody of many other fairy

  • tale stories that have been adapted to film

  • - Wake up -What?

  • so, that said, you'll get to learn a lot of vocabulary that is

  • related to these classical stories and fairy tales that take place in medieval

  • times. Plus, definitely pay attention closely to all the pronunciation because

  • not only will you learn formal and informal English but you'll also get

  • some exposure to English and Scottish accents and if you're new here well

  • every single week we make fun lessons like this one to help you understand

  • fast speaking natives without getting lost

  • without missing the jokes and without subtitles just like Hassan who said that

  • he has improved every aspect of his English in the year that he's been

  • studying along with our lessons and you can too

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  • awesome movie let's do it!

  • Awwww yeah!

  • If you like Shrek and then I bet you will also really enjoy all the different lessons

  • that we've done with Disney movies you can check out those in this playlist

  • after you finish this lesson.

  • so in this forty eight week course you will learn alongside the first two

  • seasons of the friend series. Plus, every week you get twenty plus page PDF power

  • lessons vocabulary memorization software, access to our fluency circle global

  • community and so much more what are you waiting for

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  • you're gonna love now it's time to go beyond the classroom

  • and live your English, awww yeah!

Awww yeah ladies and gentlemen today we have an English lesson with a classic

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    蔡育德 posted on 2020/01/12
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