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  • Yes, I know how long you've been holding, and I don't care.

  • Why, yes, I'd love to spend the next 10 minutes of my life being told what a horrible person I am by a stranger.

  • I'll definitely transfer you to my supervisor, who will give you the same information I just gave you.

  • As soon as you started yelling, I zoned out.

  • I'm not sorry I placed you on hold for 5 minutes.

  • I was hoping you'd hang up.

  • Oh, you're never going to use our company again?

  • Great, that means I'll never have to talk to you again.

  • I'm going to tell you the issue is resolved so that I can go on break.

  • I'm telling you that I'm finishing up with another customer, but really I'm just catching up on office gossip.

  • I asked you to repeat that because I was too busy texting on my phone.

  • I'm going to hang up on you and pretend it was an accident.

  • I'm attempting to sound empathetic, because quality assurance is listening.

  • The only perk of my job is not seeing your face.

  • Please stop telling me this pointless story.

  • Just tell me your problem so we could both get on with our day.

  • I'm saying this with confidence, but I have no idea if this information is true.

  • I fully intend to look you up on Facebook after this just to see how much of an (beep) hole you are.

  • I'm not sorry you feel that way.

  • I'm not sorry that happened.

  • Oh, no, I understand. I just don't care.

  • This job has made me dead inside.

  • This job has given me a fear of talking on the phone.

  • Listen, babe, call me hun one more time, and I'll burn this place down.

  • Have a great day.

Yes, I know how long you've been holding, and I don't care.

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If Call Center Employees Were Honest

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