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  • Hey.

  • Hey. Oh...

  • I've been meaning to say I'm so glad you're a part of this season.

  • But I just wanted to warn you that it's a little disturbing.

  • You know, it's a disturbing premise.

  • OK.

  • Just get ready.

  • I mean, but you do know that I was on a show where I,

  • like, played a dead version of myself?

  • Yeah, and I mean that's terrifying.

  • This is just... It's a different kind of horror, you know?

  • This is, like, real world, toxic masculinity

  • and possessive ideas of love, you know.

  • These sorts of things that if we idolize them

  • or romanticize them too much

  • that we are in danger of losing every sense of morality.

  • -And then the line... -Yeah.

  • It just keeps edging further and further.

  • -Yeah. -And then we don't know really

  • where our youth will end up.

  • That's...

  • Yeah. No, no. I know, I know. I've seen the show.

  • But I, like, really don't get spooked very easily.

  • OK.

  • Victoria, ready for you on set.

  • I think I just mansplained to Victoria.

  • -Who? -You know, the new girl.

  • I just can't believe she doesn't find our show disturbing, you know.

  • I bet we could change her mind.

  • Amber...

  • -Huh? -What are you doing?

  • Oh... nothing.

  • Right.

  • Hey, guys.

  • -Hey. -Hey.

  • How are you liking the new scripts?

  • Yeah, they're great.

  • -Yeah? -Lots of fun.

  • -Good. -Yeah.

  • Paper cut!

  • Oh, God!

  • Have a good day.

  • Yeah, you too.

  • -Bye, Victoria. -Bye.

  • Sorry, were you trying to scare her?

  • OK, fine, then why don't you get over here and help me, new guy?

  • Oh, I'm so in.

  • Yeah, this will work.

  • Oh, my God.

  • Are these vintage?

  • Nice. Perfect. Yes, yes. Beautiful.

  • Oh, beautiful. Lean into it.

  • Wait.

  • Did she seem scared?

  • Hey. What's the update?

  • We tried everything.

  • It's impossible.

  • The only thing that scares her is her.

  • -Oh. -Oh.

  • Deep.


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