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  • 16 annoying things about being a girl

  • When your bra is stabbing you

  • your bra strap is showing.

  • When people say "Your bra strap is showing"

  • Bras in general

  • Walking in heels

  • Bringing a tampon

  • to the bathroom

  • When your hair gets stuck in your lipgloss

  • When you break your hairtie

  • or your ponytail hurts your head

  • having to shave

  • everything

  • When you sit in a skirt and your ass touches the seat

  • this... sup? sup? sup girl, what's up?

  • Trying to get your jewelry untangled from this nightmare

  • When you cry and it makes you look like a melting panda

  • When you get a manicure and it chips the next day

  • When we get paid less than men

  • But hey...

  • Our pockets are too shallow anyway

16 annoying things about being a girl

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16 Annoying Things About Being A Girl

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    Tim posted on 2014/03/14
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