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  • Hey everybody, for this video, we will be looking at what makes Utsunomiya such a great place.

  • It is a mid-size city with many scenic spots nearby,

  • and it is just a short 45-minute ride from Tokyo by bullet train.

  • As a food lover, Utsunomiya is a great place.

  • The main food Utsunomiya is famous for its gyoza.

  • There are currently over 200 gyoza shops in Utsunomiya,

  • with Min Min and Masashi being the most famous, while Gyotendo is my personal favorite.

  • Gyoza and beer is a match made in heaven.

  • You should be prepared to wait for 30 minutes or more to be seated on holidays and weekends.

  • If you want to eat some delicious noodles, Ippinko offers both gyoza and ramen which is great.

  • There are a few bakeries worth checking out.

  • For Beatles fans, we highly recommend Penny Lane.

  • You also can't go wrong with a hamburger from either Mother Road or Sandy's.

  • Or you can go to The Pancake Factory, which has great omelets and, you guessed it, pancakes.

  • Tochigi prefecture is famous for its strawberries

  • having produced most of Japan's strawberries for over 50 years,

  • which has led to some people to call it theStrawberry Kingdom”.

  • You can travel just outside of the city and handpick some not only great looking

  • but also great tasting strawberries.

  • The city prides itself on being home to a number of quality cocktail bars.

  • The most famous being Flair, which puts on a very cool show.

  • It turns out Utsunomiya is also great for Jazz lovers.

  • It's the birthplace of the famous Japanese jazz musician, Sadao Watanabe

  • and it is worth checking out a live performance at one of the local jazz clubs.

  • I was recently surprised to learn that renowned GHIBLI animator, Hayao Miyazaki,

  • spent some of his childhood less than a mile from where I live now.

  • His love of these rural settings is a central theme in many of his movies.

  • The 15th floor of the prefectural office offers a great view of the city.

  • This is also a great place to learn more about Tochigi and get information.

  • Just a five minute walk away from here is an excellent park, Hachimanyama.

  • Which is great for the little ones and is quite beautiful in the spring.

  • If you want a better view of the park, you can go up Utsunomiya Tower.

  • The park also offers free go-carts on certain days for you to enjoy.

  • There are some great street festivals held throughout the year.

  • The largest being a summer festival held in August called Miya Matsuri.

  • And finally, one of the best parts of being in Tochigi is access to Nikko,

  • which has world Heritage sites with excellent hiking, waterfalls, shrines, and mountain scenery to enjoy.

  • You may run across some wild monkeys depending on the season, which is cool,

  • but it's best to keep your distance.

  • If this hasn't been enough to convince you that Utsunomiya is worth a visit,

  • there are dozens of attractions in and around Utsunomiya that you may enjoy.

  • Utsunomiya hosts Japan's only Tour De France style International cycling race, the Japan Cup.

  • Utsunomiya is also home to the Tochigi Brex, the Japanese professional basketball champions.

  • The nearby Oya town has some fascinating underground mines that are worth a look.

  • Tochigi has a few sake factories that are open to the public.

  • There is also a massive water park nearby holding up to 10,000 guests that's worth a visit.

  • Motegi Twin Ring which has a car museum, rides, and racing events, is a great place to visit for car lovers.

  • Wakayama Farm has a bamboo forest, which is a popular spot for filming.

  • And the Utsunomiya Zoo lets you get up close and personal with a number of animals.

  • So, if you would like to spend a day or a weekend exploring outside the Tokyo area,

  • we recommend giving the capital of the Strawberry Kingdom a shot.

  • We have included a variety of links for more information in the description below for your convenience.

  • If you have any questions, we would be happy to try and answer them in the comments below,

  • and if you enjoyed this video feel free to check out our other videos where we explore more of Japan.

  • Thanks for watching, this has been Inside Japan.

Hey everybody, for this video, we will be looking at what makes Utsunomiya such a great place.

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