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  • it's a banger

  • woow

  • get in intro music

  • tall guy beard twin purple hoser

  • dude perfect in overtime

  • tall guy beard twin purple hoser

  • now our heading on to overtime

  • we have a great show for you guys today

  • to brand new segment

  • two segment yo know in lover

  • first

  • lets get 'em the giveaway

  • this week's giveaway

  • very simple

  • text "dude"

  • to 888111

  • dude perfect dove there it is

  • also it turn in on to backpack

  • sounds like soft landing

  • allright

  • first segment

it's a banger

Subtitles and vocabulary

B2 H-INT US segment dude perfect dude twin beard giveaway

Real Life Trick Shots Bloopers | Overtime 8 | Dude Perfect

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    潘韋寧   posted on 2019/12/06
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