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  • Hey this is Rohit with another SolidWorks quick tip for you guys if you like what

  • you see here check us out at where we have hundreds of SolidWorks

  • tutorials to help you guys learn SolidWorks

  • today i wanna talk about contour selection

  • if you right-click in on your mouse and come down to the bottom here

  • there's an option called contour select tool

  • and when you're inside an extrusion you also have a box at the bottom for

  • selected contours so there's a little bit of a debate on

  • how much information they should be putting inside a sketch some say that

  • you should keep your sketch very simple and some say should try to put as much

  • information to a single sketch as possible

  • we have two sketches here to start

  • one is simply the base for this part and we create features and sketches

  • after the fact and the second here has all of our

  • contours in a single sketch and in the features are built from that

  • single sketch so i tend to prefer this method

  • and i would say use this method as long as your sketch doesn't get too

  • difficult to manage and so if you get to the point where a

  • single change to one part of the sketch starting to ruin the rest of sketch that's

  • when you typically know that you have too many

  • items in a single sketch but for example if you're taking the

  • SolidWorks certified professional exam you want to use

  • a single sketch as it significantly faster for producing

  • the part that you tried to create so I'm gonna go back in and

  • remake both of these parts or both of these bodies

  • and i'll go ahead and delete out the features

  • to do that

  • so to start i'll go ahead and build off of the sketch on the right

  • and in this method i've created the entire body first

  • or the piece of stock that I'd be using

  • and then i create a sketch on this space to remove out material

  • and then I created another sketch on the top face

  • another circle

  • and then created another cut and lastly i create the slots profile on

  • the top base and then cut through the part

  • now on the other side with everything in the same sketch

  • with me that come in an extrusion start using contours

  • or we can right click in the and choose that contour select tool

  • in this case by choosing outside ring and then

  • this portion of the part is coming to an extrusion

  • or simply use the instant 3D to drag this out

  • to consider if you're also combining this with the instant 3D SolidWorks

  • that this will be a lot faster of a way to create these features

  • but either method is valid like i said i tend to prefer the contour select method

  • as it allows you to put everything in one sketch

  • and manage everything from there typically in a more complex part

  • you'll use some combination of multiple contours

  • and then possibly add sketches to other faces at a later point to make

  • modifications keep in mind that you do have both of

  • these options available when creating your part

Hey this is Rohit with another SolidWorks quick tip for you guys if you like what

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SolidWorks Best Practices: Use Contour Selection to Speed up Modeling by SolidWize

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