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  • Here we're going to count down the top five coolest skyscrapers in the world.

  • This is just in our opinion and it's not based on a public vote or anything sensible like that.

  • Our only rule here is that these have to have been built, they can't be wacky ideas that someone has dreamt up that are never actually going to become a reality.

  • Enjoy!

  • Sheraton Huzhou Hot Spring Resort, China.

  • At number five is the crazy looking Sheraton Huzhou Hot Spring Resort in China.

  • Built on the Taihu Lake near Shanghai, the building's main structure stands 27 storeys tall and houses 282 standard rooms as well as numerous suites.

  • Whilst the building may appear to be a horseshoe it's actually a complete oval, as further levels hidden underground complete the form.

  • Bosco Verticale, Italy.

  • I really like number four; this is Bosco Verticale in Milan and it's just like nothing I've ever seen before.

  • The literal translation meansvertical forestand it's easy to see how it acquired that name.

  • The project is one 18 storey tower and another 26 storey tower planted with over 900 trees across its levels.

  • They help to moderate the building's temperature in summer and winter, as well as attenuating noise and combating some of the city's smog.

  • The design was subject to strict load monitoring and wind tunnel testing to ensure that the trees could not topple or be blown over.

  • 30 St Mary Axe, United Kingdom.

  • In at number three is 30 St Mary Axe in the UK.

  • Now it's not the tallest building in London by any means but it is, in my opinion, the coolest.

  • Built on the former site of the Baltic Exchange that was destroyed by a Provisional IRA bomb in the early 90's, the 41 storey tower contains six shafts that twist up through its floors providing natural ventilation.

  • The tower's form widens as it rises, responding to the tight site constraints at street level.

  • The Foster and Partners design won the prestigious Stirling Prize in 2004, becoming the first building to do so by unanimous judge's decision.

  • Turning Torso, Sweden.

  • Second place for me is a slightly left-of-field entry; the 190m Turning Torso Tower in Sweden.

  • This building was designed to become a landmark for the country and it certainly achieves that.

  • The tower's twisting structure is formed of nine, five-storey segments that house office space and 147 apartments.

  • It reaches a height of 54 storeys in total.

  • Transamerica Pyramid, United States.

  • Top place for me actually goes to a bit of an older structure; this is the Transamerica Pyramid in the heart of San Francisco.

  • Completed in 1972 and standing 48 storeys high, the building is an iconic part of the San Francisco skyline and has featured in many films.

  • Its pyramid form rises to 260m and two fins on the East and West elevations accommodate a lift and stairwell.

  • The building's floor plate reduces as it rises meaning that only two of the tower's 18 lifts actually reach the top floor.

  • The viewing platform is now closed but visitors can access a 360 degree video feed of the view from the ground floor.

  • Perfect if you're not keen on heights.

Here we're going to count down the top five coolest skyscrapers in the world.

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