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  • G'day I'm a dad, and welcome to the ABCs of parenting.

  • A. Annoying.

  • Kids can be annoying sometimes... okay, a lot of the time.

  • B. Beautiful.

  • Because I have to say something positive in this video.

  • C. Colorful... language will be unavoidable sometimes.

  • D. Daily.

  • You have to do this whole parenting thing daily, as in every day, as in no days off for like the next 18 years.

  • E. Exhausting.

  • F.

  • Being a parent can smell pretty funky.

  • Windows down! Hold ya breath!

  • G. Greedy.

  • Kids eat like a pig and a dog kind of mixed together, they're pig dogs.

  • H. Hellish.

  • Being a parent can be quite hellish, and it's up to you to find your kind of happy place amongst this newfound hell.

  • I. Ice cream.

  • You'll never be able to drive pass another ice-cream store without a kid screaming at you...ICE CREAM!

  • J. Juice.

  • You'll offer them water, they'll always want juice.

  • K. Kites.

  • Kids love kites... don't fly them in thunderstorms.

  • L. Late.

  • Go go go go go !!!!!

  • You'll never be on time to anything ever again.

  • Like, ever, I...I was late posting this video because of my kids.

  • M. Messy.

  • Kids are naturally messy and then that messiness rubs off on you and in a few years time you'll catch a glimpse yourself in the mirror and be like "holy crap what have I become?"

  • N. No.

  • The most used word in the English Oxford Parenting dictionary.

  • O. Old.

  • Parenting makes you old, congratulations you're gonna age three times faster than all your non-parent friends.

  • P. Pee... as in pee and poop... yay you're now a professional poo and pee cleaner.

  • Q. Quick.

  • With a house full of kids, any Mum and Dad "alone time" will have to be very quick.

  • Not that I'm complaining really...

  • R. Rain.

  • Rain means that you and the kids are now stuck inside, like just...

  • S. Sleep.

  • Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

  • T. Tired.

  • Like... like, all the time, it''ll just never leave you, it's just constant like....

  • U. Unaffordable.

  • Those kids are gonna bleed you dry, every... every dollar.

  • V. Vases or vases (New Zealand accent)

  • Yeah these things, anything breakable will get broke.

  • Much like your new financial situation as a parent...

  • W. Wetting-the-bed.

  • Just put the kid to bed in the bath.

  • X. X-rays.

  • They're not cheap.

  • Y. Every parent's most hated letter.

  • Why!? WHY!? Why!?

  • Z or z (New Zealand accent) for Zebra.

  • Zebras have black and white stripes that help them like blend into the surroundings and hide away.

  • I hide by locking the toilet door.

  • And that was your parenting ABC, next time won't you come and be a parent with me.

  • It's great.

  • It's really good, it's good.

  • Um if you liked that video, that breakdown of the ABC... sorry I'm very tired.

  • Um, if you could just like the video that means a lot, and if you haven't yet you can subscribe somewhere in the screen.

  • You done it?

G'day I'm a dad, and welcome to the ABCs of parenting.

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