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  • Alright, I'm sold.

  • It's taken a few years, and I may never get over the character design. But nonetheless...this

  • game is awesome. Fully, totally awesome.

  • I'm on board, Ratchet and Clank. Better late than never.

  • So this is the final installment of Ratchet and Clank's Future series. And honestly, I've

  • never really paid much attention, so I can't say much about the previous games. And this

  • one makes me regret that. It's like the entire philosophy was, just...hey, let's make a 3D

  • action platformer with action that's actually as good as the platforming.

  • Oh, and let's have really good platforming, too.

  • This is the perfect kind of game to just kick back and play. Not too much to think about

  • or be overwhelmed by...just to play. To break crates, collect stuff, upgrade guns, jump

  • across gaps and blow things up. And it's all done so well, it's hard to find anything to

  • complain about.

  • I guess that one thing that defines Into The Nexus more than anything that the

  • gameplay is constantly evolving. The more you play, the more of the game unravels. You're

  • unlocking new weapons and gizmos and gadgets, and each one elevates the game to an entirely

  • new level of awesomeness. It never just stays the same for very long.

  • Even though there are constants, enough changes to keep you interested.

  • One thing I've noticed people complaining that it's short. And I can see

  • that. It's anywhere between 6 or 7 hours, the first time through. But that's the thing.

  • The pace is so satisfying and the game is so fun, you'll definitely want that second

  • run. And frankly, who decided what was too short for a video game? I think this is the

  • perfect length.

  • Think about it. Studies show that, like, 90 percent of people never actually finish the

  • games they're playing. So maybe 6 hours isn't too short. Maybe 26 hours is too freaking

  • long.

  • Anyway, what matters is...however long you play it, it's fun the entire time.

  • As much as I hate the character design the levels really surprised me. There are some

  • pretty cool environments in this game. And unexpected, too. You go from beautiful hillsides

  • to...oh, now we're underground, and there are strange carvings on the walls with ritualistic

  • stick figures eerily hanging from the ceiling. The game always takes you somewhere cool.

  • Even if it's a place you might not want to be.

  • And you know, there's a real addictiveness, to a game like this. It's the perfect storm

  • of these habit-forming game elements, you know? I mean, there are just things everywhere

  • that you can smash, and collect these shiny little nuts and bolts. Which, of course, you

  • can use to buy more gadgets. And upgrading! It's so easy and relatively fast, you're just

  • compelled to keep going. It really is just a joy to play.

  • So what's not to like? There's definitely some cool platforming, but I always want more

  • from these games. Less flat levels and more perilous jumps and stuff like that. I mean,

  • you've got a hover pack, a la Super Mario Sunshine.

  • Give me some of that tricky, towering, Noki Bay platforming.

  • Then again, I'm probably nitpicking...criticizing things that aren't there, and all that. And

  • really, it's all you can do with a game this good, and this well made. And as someone who

  • isn't familiar with the series, I really liked the mechanical emphasis. It's all about the

  • gadgets, the weapons, the crazy robot enemies...really cool stuff. And with surprisingly diverse

  • level design, given that...very specific concept.

  • There's heart beneath the steel, and color on top of all the metal.

  • And above all else, there's a really good time in Ratchet and Clank: Into The Nexus...a

  • fine action platformer, and one of those rare games in which both halves are equally awesome.

Alright, I'm sold.

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CGR Undertow - RATCHET & CLANK: INTO THE NEXUS review for PlayStation 3

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    阿多賓 posted on 2013/11/24
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