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  • I do have an injury that's

  • kind of a problem for working out now.

  • So I was having pain

  • in my third and fourth toe.

  • If you don't know

  • one had roast beef and the other had none.

  • So I've had this pain and

  • I went to go see a podiatrist

  • and so he looks at my pods and he said that

  • He said: “You have a neuroma.”

  • And I said: “You have a neuroma.”

  • I said that to him.

  • I said: “What do I do about that?”

  • He said: “Nothing."

  • You can't do anything about it,

  • it's a inflamed nerve from

  • wearing the wrong kind of shoes.”

  • He said: “Do you wear like soft-soled shoes

  • like tennis shoes?

  • I said: “Yes, that's what I wear.”

  • He goes: “That's the wrong kind of shoe for you."

  • "The best shoe for you to wear…"

  • "is a cowboy boot. "

  • "Goodbye.”

  • So I had to go buy new shoes with harder soles and

  • when I was trying on shoes, I realized

  • when we try on shoes

  • we do things we're never gonna do in them.

  • We stand up.

  • These are good."

  • "These are good."

  • "If I have to do that, that's good."

  • "These are good, I like these."

  • "That's good."

  • "If I have to do that, that'll be good."

  • "These are good if I have to do this."

  • "Yep, I like these, I'm gonna get these."

  • "Yep.”

  • When we try on shoes

  • there's a little tiny mirror on the ground.

  • For the shoes to see themselves. 'Cause you can't.

  • What do you guys think, do you like them?"

  • "I can't see."

  • "Do you want them?”

  • Shoe salesmen are like no other salesmen

  • for any other thing you buy.

  • You say: “I'd like to try those on a size six.”

  • They come out with boxes.

  • We didn't have a six but we had a nine and a half.”

  • We try on everything that

  • we're gonna put on our body

  • except for socks, I realize.

  • We don't try socks on because we trust

  • Because the size is so

  • It's like size three through eleven.

  • It reallyIt's like

  • It's gonna fit.

  • It's like your childhood, through your adulthood

  • you wear those things.

  • But they're like, they're so

  • the thing is if you have a sock that you like

  • everybody has their favorite socks

  • and you will wear those socks

  • as long as you possibly can.

  • You'll wear them until

  • there's a little tiny hole starting

  • and you're like: “That's not that bad.”

  • That's a simple little hole that you can just

  • Your heel can be poking through

  • it's like a halter top for your foot.

  • It's like

  • Little holes everywhere. But you think:

  • Who's gonna to see it? "

  • "I'm just gonna keep shoes on"

  • "they're not gonna see that.”

  • Then you go to somebody's house

  • and they have a shoes-off policy.

  • I gotta get the fuck out of here.

I do have an injury that's

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