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  • Hey what's up it's Natasha from Lunchbox

  • And here we are again with Anne-Marie

  • I have to say your fashion sense is amazing

  • What would you say is a staple piece in your wardrobe?

  • Men's baggy t-shirts cut

  • Cause this is what I do with every t-shirt

  • Cause I really like baggy stuff

  • Wait I have to ask, you cut your own shirts?

  • Yeah

  • And you can't think about it too much

  • Cause then it goes wrong

  • You just gotta just go for it

  • And then hope for the best

  • Yeah

  • Your song "Perfect", tell us more about how it came about

  • I actually was on the way to this writing session

  • I've never written with these people before

  • And I was just wondering what to write about

  • And I ended up going on YouTube

  • And watching women talking about like body confidence and just loving yourself

  • And I was like, I want to write a song about that

  • But I just didn't really know how to do it

  • And I got to this session and I told the writer what I wanted to do

  • She was like why don't you just tell me

  • Everything that you're insecure about

  • About your body, about how you feel, about what you look like

  • So I literally just told her everything

  • And she wrote it down on a piece of paper and it became this song

  • Wow

  • Yeah

  • What do you do to like escape, you know

  • When things get too real?

  • It sounds cliche but, music

  • It's crazy because I remember going to my hair salon

  • And I always get really nervous about walking in and walking out of places

  • And I had my hair done and I was waiting for my taxi

  • And I thought it was outside so I went outside

  • And I was like really anxious and I put my headphones on

  • This is the first time I actually ever did this as well

  • And this anxiety just lifted off of me

  • And I just felt so free and I was like

  • This is the best feeling ever

  • What music did you listen to?

  • I don't know what I put on

  • It's everything, I put my playlist on shuffle

  • What's the most unsuspecting music we would find in your playlist?

  • Don't know, maybe The All-American Rejects or something like that

  • Yeah

  • You're a cool chick

  • Do you trust me?

  • Yeah, I do

  • Can you close your eyes right now?

  • Yes

  • Okay, this is something that the fans have suggested

  • Can you take a bite of something I'm gonna put it in your hands

  • Cake!

  • Is it pandan cake?

  • No it's not!

  • What is it, chocolate cake?

  • Is chocolate, is chocolate

  • Okay, and the next one, there you go

  • Oh!

  • Knock yourself out

  • Pandan cake!

  • You know it!

  • I feel like this is no longer a surprise

  • The second you walk through the door wearing green

  • I know you are a pandan jam

  • This is something else I wanna gift to you

  • You like pandan cake, this is like the pandan jam

  • No way

  • So it doesn't taste exactly like that, I like this one slightly better

  • Do you?

  • So knock yourself out and if you like it let us know

  • Okay

  • That wraps up our interview with Anne-Marie

  • Thank you so much for watching and check out her single as well on 987

Hey what's up it's Natasha from Lunchbox

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